October 11th, 2008

Paul Neyron rose 2

more on non-fiction (and fiction) GLBT books

     These books really have more to do with the "T" part of GLBT, although there's some "L" in there, too.  I think the blurring of gender boundaries is an interesting topic.  Anyway...

     Finished reading Butch is a Noun.  I was familiar with the concepts, but they were described so well.  I'd think the book would be very educational for those who haven't had any in-depth conversations with genderqueer people.  Stone Butch Blues is fiction, but gave me a grasp on some butch-femme concepts which were politically incorrect to talk about when I was in college.  It really helped me understand a lot of things which I'd previously been unable to articulate.  Other interesting reads are: Sex Changes: the Politics of Transgenderism and Female Masculinity.  It made me sad to read some of what butches go through.  I have a sometimes-vexed relationship with traditional ideas of gender, but my problems are comparatively minor.

     This is a difficult post to write.  I'm sympathetic, but I'm trying to figure out how to walk the line in how much I reveal of my personal views.  I'll probably edit this later, but stop at this point for now.