September 19th, 2008

Paul Neyron rose 2

autumn flowers, tender perennials

     Cooler today.  Went out briefly to check on the garden -- nothing much new.  Still enjoying the mistflower -- more of the plants are white-flowered than blue-flowered, although blue is the natural color.  Red geranium very pretty -- lots of bloom on it.  Since it's in a windowbox, it should be relatively easy to overwinter.  Lemon verbena is falling over -- the stems, not the pots.  Will look for stakes for it.  Took the pruning shears out, but didn't see anything else needing pruning on the roses in containers.  All I want to prune this time of year is the deadwood.  The Hybrid Teas and their close relatives should be pruned in April or so -- when the forsythias are blooming, so they say -- and the once-blooming roses right after they flower.  The really ancient varieties don't seem to need much in the way of pruning anyway.  I like the natural shape of the Jacobite rose.  'Ispahan' and 'Madame Plantier' are fine shrubs even when they're not flowering, fortunately enough.

     Mockingbird right outside the window.  We have so many trees with edible fruit for birds -- they really like the chokecherry trees.  The winterberry was pretty well stripped of berries by Christmas time last year.