August 7th, 2008

Paul Neyron rose 2

this past week

Last Thursday: Saw a hummingbird on a tiger lily.  Dad said he saw a sphinx moth on the butterfly bush.

On Saturday: Went to Giovanni's Room.

Monday: Went to Longwood Gardens.  Cannas spectacular.  Enjoyed water lilies and marginal water plants.  Waterlily ponds had rope barriers around them -- I would guess someone had taken a swim.  Went to the rose gardens.  One of the Meilland roses, 'Rouge Royal', had a lovely scent.  The Rosa rugosa alba hedge around the herb garden mostly had hips, with a few flowers.

At home: Watered the pineapple sage, lemon verbena, geraniums, pinks, heliotrope, fuchia, balsam, blue flag iris, cardinal flower.  The cardinal flower has many offshoot flower spikes -- looks like it will keep blooming for a long time yet.  I'm wondering how the balsam would take transplanting, as it is currently in pockets similar to a strawberry jar's pockets.  Sweet briar still needs pruning.  Maybe I'll take off the dead branches this weekend, and the branches that catch you as you walk past.   

Today: 'Prairie Star' (Buck rose) blooming.  'Morning Has Broken' shrub rose has been blooming this past week.  Sweet alyssum blooming.  Apple mint spreading over the path in front again.  Pink-and-white fuchia in full bloom.