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VL Tuesday

I fast-forwarded through much of it.  Ansgar knows that Maria is still batshit crazy, and has some kind of plot in mind about her.  I'd think he'd be worried that she'd hurt Lydia in her madness.

Prince Boring and Antonia are playing a poker game.  I could care less.

Nico gave Andi money to replace the money he lost on Tristan's "tip."  She made Andi promise to never again take a financial tip from Tristan.  I think Andi learned his lesson on that.

The clinic (mental hospital? insane asylum?) called to say that Maria had let herself out, and was still crazy.  Ansgar had called them yesterday.  This time Ludwig and Elisabeth heard it.  They wanted Maria to leave, but Ansgar said he'd look after her.

Sebastian went to kidnap Christina.  He gave Jessica a big tip to leave him alone with Christina.  He told Christina that they were taking a trip, and she said, "Uh-oh."  They've got the child trained well.

Matthias saw Jessica come into Schneider's and order champagne.  He called Sebastian's cell, then called the house and said, "Sebastian, I know you're there..."

Christina said, "Papa," when she heard Matthias' voice.  Sebastian had a change of heart.  This would all be working better if it was the creepy old Sebastian, but even the wooden new Sebastian is doing his best with the story.

Basically it was the boring characters and/or the characters I don't like, with a couple of the more interesting characters doing rather boring things.  Nico and Andi have such shiny chemistry.  They should have them together much more often.

No Chrolli today.  I guess their plot comes later in the week.

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