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AWZ Tuesday

Claudia helped Katja patch up her foot, and Katja will continue in the competition, her pain secret from all but Claudia.

Roman was on the phone with Deniz, and I thought, "Is his hand..."  Apparently it was.  Roman took his hand out of his pants when the doorbell rang, but his belt was still unbuckled.  Roman doesn't even go into the bathroom like Florian does for his special moments.  He was right out in the living room for his phone sex.  It didn't even seem like it was sex talk, either.  I think Roman was talking about Katja.

Later, at the Bergmann-Zadek-Reichenbach flat, Katja had scored some bags of frozen vegetables from the freezer, and was hobbling off to ice her foot.  Annette, Lena, Roman and Tom opened the elevator door, and said, "Surprise!"  They wanted to have a little party to celebrate Katja being in second place so far.  Tom stepped on Katja's foot, and she screamed.  She covered up, saying she was fine.  Annette offered her something.  Lena offered her a foot massage.  Roman said, "Sex?"

Katja escaped to her room, veggies in her bag.  Tom, confused, said, "Roman, I thought you were gay."  I am looking forward to discovering what Roman's reply was, and really hope that gets translated.

Andy did indeed find Florian's letter to Frank, and read it out loud to an appreciative hockey team.  Flo had meanwhile stopped right around from the top of the steps, and caught Frank to tell her he had something to give her.  Then he realized that he had the wrong bag, and said, "Fuck."

Flo headed downstairs.  He came into the locker room, and Andy said, "The truth is...(something in German)...and I find you sexy.  The truth is, I think I'm gay."  The hockey players giggled, and passed the letter around in a keep-away until Flo snatched the letter back, seething.  Florian stormed back out of the locker room, with the hockey players saying, "Bye, Princess!" in high-pitched voices.

This group of hockey players isn't hostile like the male hockey players in Vanessa's day were to Roman -- and to Deniz a little later during DeRo 1.0.  They already have a gay player on the team in Deniz, who's just a little older than they are.  They have a sometime substitute trainer in Roman.  They just thought it was very funny that Florian had written a love letter to Frank.  Probably it seems especially ironic to them given everything that Florian said.  Of course they're immature about it -- they're teenage boys.

Frank came to the Wild-Ozturk flat while Roman was having that phone call.  Roman went to check if Florian was home, and Frank saw a crumpled-up paper in the trash, with "Hello, Frank" showing at the top.  She grabbed the letter attempts, and made a fairly quick exit, though she did say goodbye to Roman.

Frank later came back to the flat, knocked, then called Florian.  He answered the door, and Frank said, "I'm Frank.  I'm (also?) Franziska."

Florian said, "Bitte?"  Franziska unzipped her jacket, and showed a low-cut top, and plenty of cleavage.  Flo's mouth dropped open.  Upon seeing unmistakable breasts, it dawned on even him.  Frank is adorable, by the way.  I'm sure that even in his shock, Florian could appreciate Frank's curves.

Frank explained it all to Florian.  "So you're not gay," she informed him.

Florian seethed.  "Am I supposed to be happy that you made an ass of me?  That I thought I was gay, and that the whole hockey team thinks I'm gay?"

"The whole hockey team?"  Franziska asked.

"Andy got the letter I wrote you."

"Oh, well, I'll out myself as a girl sometime, after the talent scout sees me, and after the championships," Frank said.

"Tomorrow," Florian said.  "You'll tell the team tomorrow."

I'm curious to see where the Frank and Florian story goes now that Flo knows that Frank's been wearing drag all this time.  I have a feeling that Roman and Deniz will hear about it.  I'm not sure how fast the hockey team will hear about it.  I'm hoping it gets drawn out for a while.

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