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VL Monday

Ludwig asked Rebecca about the lesbian thing.  Rebecca said it was a friend of hers.  Nico said to tell her friend (or friend's family?) that homosexuality wasn't a sickness.  I have no idea what she sees in Prince Boring, but Nico rocked today.

Nico found out that Andi had lost all the money he'd borrowed from Ludwig.  She told him she'd give him the money.

Rebecca was all confused around Miriam, and they had this weird conversation in which she thought Miriam was talking about them when she was talking about Christian and Olli.  Apparently there's already a "MiriBecca" channel.  I said I wouldn't seek such out, but if it's subtitled, I halfway want to find out what they were actually saying.  On the other hand, that would mean subjecting myself to seeing more Rebecca.
(Note: It has English subtitles.  It was worth it just to know what Sebastian was saying when he came into the Schloss so happy about nearly drowning Ansgar.  Rebecca couldn't figure out why he was so pleased about getting soaking wet.)

Really, the Rebecca and Miriam plot seems like a faux-lesbian-to-make-the-straight-guys-happy thing to me.  I just remember a friend in college saying that a woman wasn't really a lesbian unless she had short fingernails.  (Or it wasn't real lesbian porn unless the women had short fingernails.  Something like that.) 

Prince Boring went to Aruba and found Antonia.  I fast-forwarded through most of those scenes.  Some were intercut with Nico having scenes with characters whose actors can really act, so I saw some.  The prince was trying to resist putting his quarter in a slot machine.  Gambling addiction is a serious thing for some, but the attempt to portray his inner struggle was laughable.  It was so flat and obvious and dumb.  It was this whole "Mustn't put the machine..."

I still don't see how Nico could find the prince appealing at all after she'd had Andi and Christian.  I'm baffled on that.

Constantin and Ansgar's aunt had died an episode or two ago.  They got the news by phone.  Apparently she was like a mother to Constantin.  Wasn't Francesca his mother?  I wonder if they ever mentioned this Carlotta anytime in the previous fifteen years.  The von Lahnstein/di Balbi/etc. family tree resists my attempts at comprehension.  Today was the reading of the will, with Aunt Carlotta's voice on tape.  She left things to Constantin (possibly her summerhouse), Leonhard (I think her library went to him), and Carla.  She left Ansgar a treasure chest kind of box, but he didn't seem impressed.  I think she said what was in it.  She left Maria the di Balbi castle.  Maria said she wasn't going to move there, that she didn't want to live in a great big castle by herself when she had family there at Konigsbrunn.  Nobody could believe it.

Christian and Olli continued to discuss the foster child idea.  Christian was afraid of losing a child just when they'd come to care for it.  Not much of them today, but according to "Clipping," there will be more of the guys this week. 
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