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AWZ Monday

It's the NR/W Meistershaft.  (I keep wanting to write "NRV," because that's how they pronounce it.)  The Steinkamps had a moment of silence for Jenny.  A fair number of the characters were in the stands cheering on the skaters.  Annette and Tom were there, and Marian until they unrolled the big banner picture of Jenny.  Richard told Isabelle not to skate, and she skated anyway.  Katja skated well.  Roman was there for his skaters, notably unlike Mike was back in the day.

Richard saw Claudia down by the boards, and had the security guard take her upstairs.  Claudia and Richard met by the door, and Claudia said that it was Isabelle who had doped Katja.  I think she explained about switching the straws in the glasses.  Richard told Isabelle if she placed in the top three she'd be tested for doping, so she couldn't place that high.  Katja came into the locker room unusually friendly, talking about how they had a super team.  Isabelle dug her skate into Katja's foot.  Isabelle really seems to have something pathological going on.  That's just not sane.

In the hockey team world, Lena led the boys and Frank through exercises in the boxing hall.  Florian had said he was sick.  Before Roman went off to his trainer duties, he told Florian to write out his feelings.  Florian did so.  I think some of the things he said were that he found Frank sexy, and that he (Florian himself) thought he was gay.  Flo went to the locker room, put the letter in Frank's bag, then took it back out and put it in his own bag.  Then the rest of the hockey players came in.  Andy put his bag down, and Florian said hi to the group, picked up Andy's bag, and left.  Of course this means that Andy will get Florian's love letter to Frank.  I'm sure hijinks will ensue.

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