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a week of Forbidden Love

Mostly von Lahnsteins one way or another.  Ludwig proposed to Elisabeth last Friday.  She said yes.  Right after Elisabeth's acceptance, Maria came back to Konigsbrunn.  She looked great for someone who had been committed for going batshit crazy.  I can't wait until Maria meets up with Tanja, who contributed greatly to Maria's mental breakdown.  Maria gave the happy couple, who were less than happy to see her, her congratulations.

Nobody at Konigsbrunn was glad to see her back, particularly not Ansgar.  After all, she'd ratted him out to Ludwig about his affair with Lydia.  Maria still tried to get Ansgar to participate in a plot to harm Ludwig and Lydia in some way.  Ansgar refused.  He later found her with a couple of boxes of pills.  I thought she was probably going to try to poison Elisabeth, but I didn't understand much of what she explained her motives were.  I'm not too sure if Maria was released from the mental hospital, or she escaped.  I'm thinking it's quite possibly the latter.

As I probably posted before, things didn't work out with Christian and Olli's lesbian couple child-sharing idea.  Olli decided to go the foster child route, though Christian was unsure about that.  As I'm sure I've posted before, I'm ignoring the gaping plot logic holes in favor of appreciating how beautiful the guys are.

Miriam and Rebecca decided to go for a "man-free" afternoon at a spa.  They apparently got massages, then relaxed in a lovely pool.  Three men cannonballed into the pool, and the women retreated to chaise lounges.  The guys followed them, and tried to chat them up.  Miriam discouraged them by kissing Rebecca.  The guys looked very put off.  I was glad that for once Rebecca wasn't shoehorned into a Christian and Olli scene.  I also have to admit that the kiss was kind of hot, even though it was a "fauxbian" kiss.

Miriam apparently has some of the same kiss-magic that Olli does, because Rebecca dreamed that she and Miriam had some steamy moments in No Limits, after the bar closed.  Yes, it was completely a rip-off of earlier and much better plot.  I was still glad Rebecca was not being shoehorned into the Christian and Olli scenes.

Rebecca confided in Nico about how she'd really liked that kiss.  I think there was some discussion of whether Rebecca was a lesbian now.  I like kissing women, too, but don't identify as a lesbian.  Like in Olli's worldview, it's not black and white for me personally.  Rebecca and Nico walked into the entrance to the dining room.  Rebecca said that if she was a lesbian, she'd just have to accept it.  Ludwig, Elisabeth, and some of Rebecca's brothers and sisters were there at the dining room table, so Rebecca's questioning of her sexual orientation didn't take long to become public.

I don't think the von Lahnsteins will have much problem with Rebecca going gay.  They had Carla, and several of the younger von Lahnsteins are friends with Christian and Olli.  I'm sure Christian and Olli will get dragged into it sooner or later, as they are fictional Dusseldorf's experts on "the gay."

I think it would be awkward for Miriam for Rebecca to get a crush on her, but I would be thrilled if it meant that Rebecca was for sure completely over her crush on Christian.  I'm sure some people will make YouTube clips of Rebecca's story now.  I won't be seeking them out like I did with the Carla and Stella clips.  Watching Rebecca's womanlove scenes within the whole show will be more than enough for me.

Sebastian and Tanja got together.  Sebastian was furious that Matthias and Nathalie are planning to move to New Zealand, and take Christina with them.  Matthias and Nathalie pointed out that Sebastian hadn't come to visit Christina while they were in Dusseldorf.  Tanja promised Sebastian that she could break up Nathalie and Matthias.  I doubt if she'll bother trying to murder them.  She might try to make Nathalie an alcoholic again, like she did before.  We'll see how it goes.

Tristan tricked Andi into investing his money into a bad financial venture.  Andi lost all the money he'd borrowed from Ludwig, when he thought he'd double it.  Constantin had earlier told Andi not to mess around in the financial market, but Andi didn't listen.  Apparently the bad blood between Andi and Tristan will intensify again, once Andi realizes how Tristan jerked him around.
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