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Sunday so far

Tried to go to sleep around 2:30 a.m.  Could not get to sleep.  Finally took some Benedryl (diphenhydramine) at 5-something a.m.  Slept much of the day.  Woke up with a terrible Benedryl hangover (headache, aching sinuses).  Drank some water and took some Advil.  Both seemed to help.  Still did not feel terribly ambitious.

I ended up doing a little VL marathon today.  I think they must have only had four shows last week, but it gets pre-empted a lot for sports.  I'll post separately on that.

I have plenty of editing to do, and I'll work on a good bit of that tonight.

If I understood the news correctly, the Pope said it was okay for male prostitutes to use condoms.  I'm sure there will be more news about it.  After all those years -- thirty years? -- of the Church not allowing condoms for purposes of disease control, and all those protests, that's really a major shift.  It amazes me that a former member of Hitler Youth and the former head of the Inquisition would make such a radical change in policy.  Of course, I am happy to hear this, and will follow the story as best I can.  To me, it seems like a very unexpected gesture of compassion.
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