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gardening and flowers -- early spring

Thursday: Went to Garden Club.  Brought in branches of winter honeysuckle.  J. brought in a branch of forced forsythia.  Others brought in stems of a kalenchoe and a geranium (both blooming).

Friday: Went to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Got flower seeds, a book on rose names, pure beeswax votive candles, and scented soaps.  All of these are things I collect anyway -- candles, soaps, books about roses, flower seeds.

Today: Warmer, snow melted.  Went outside for a little while.  Snowdrops blooming.  Leaves of crocus and daffodils coming up, including minature daffodils -- either 'Baby Moon' or 'Tete a Tete.'  A large proportion of the other daffodils are 'Ice Follies', which has naturalized on the hillside.  Mock orange in big orange pot looks like it has come through the winter okay.  Blue flag iris still alive in its original small pot.  Looks like acorus (sweet flag) is still alive as well.  Yellow-berried American holly has a couple of berries.

Old Garden Roses (and mystery pink rose) on the north side of the yard look much the same as they did this time last spring.  A couple more of the roses in small pots by the back door seem to have succumbed to the winter (in addition to the stress of me hardly watering them this past summer).  The ones hardy to Zone 4 seem to be fine.  'Mme. Isaac Pereire' was completely cut down in the fall -- I'm pretty sure it was something Dad did.  It is on its own roots, so maybe it will come back.  'Mme. Ernst Calvat's canes are green, and that has exactly the same hardiness, of course, as well as them being in identical big pots.  I'd planted a dozen saffron crocus in the pot with 'Mme. Isaac Pereire.'  Although they didn't bloom last fall, their leaves are coming up this spring.  One of the roses by the back door has lost its tag, but has two or three longish green canes.  I have lists of my roses and little drawings I made of where I placed each one, so maybe I can figure it out.  I don't think it's a Hybrid Tea.  If it is, it's a really hardy one.  If it blooms, I'll be able to get a decent idea.  (Edited to add: I found one of my maps -- it looks like the rose I had there is a Buck rose named 'Aunt Honey'.  That would explain the winter hardiness, though I think it has Hybrid Tea-like flowers.)  'Cardinal de Richelieu' looked good, although it was in a pretty small pot.  I think all of the roses by the back door are on their own roots, so some may come back from the roots.  I can hope.

Wallflower still has some green leaves at the very ends of its stems.  I should plant more wallflower seed.  Basically everything hardy to Zone 6 that's in the ground, and Zone 4 or 5 that's in a big enough pot looks like it's basically okay.  Pinks in pots by the shed look pretty good.  I was really pleased with the perennials I got from Plant Delights.  Everything except the butterfly ginger bloomed the first year I had it, and the winter-hardy plants have come through a couple of winters now. 
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