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Friday's AWZ

The doping plot goes on.  Since Isabelle drank the drink she'd spiked with dope and meant for Katja, she was busy purging herself the whole day.  Tom came looking for her, and Frank opened the door for him.  "Hi, Frank," Tom said cheerfully.  His pleasant acceptance of the Gay Boys with Issues and his cross-dressing cousin-in-law is so refreshing.  I don't understand a lot of what he says, but from what I do get, Tom is full of win.

So, doping, Steinkamps, Tom mad at Isabelle for the continued doping...

Deniz left town for a training seminar(?) -- I don't know what he'd be training for.  It seemed kind of quick.  I hope Igor has a nice little vacation.  Deniz has been full of win in his counseling of the very confused Florian.  Both Wilds will miss him.

Looks like the next week will be mostly skating plot.  I hope they work in some plot involving the little Wild.  The elder Wild is involved in the skating plot.
Tags: soap opera

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