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out visiting and a bit about soap opera

Went to S.M.'s for lunch.  She'd fixed salad and soup.  I brought several different kinds of flowering tea, and she chose Shooting Star to try.  She'd already put regular tea bags into the teapot, so it ended up a strange mix.  She enjoyed watching the tea flower open, though.  I gave her some Jasmine Lovers', Flower Jewel, and Dragon Lily to try.  You can't tell the difference between Dragon Lily and Jasmine Lovers' when they're not open yet, so I told her she'd just be surprised.

After we'd had our soup and salad, she brought out crackers with a choice of cream cheese or pumpkin butter spread.  The crackers were very good with both cream cheese and pumpkin butter.  She also toasted a couple of pieces of Trader Joe's Cinnamon Roll bread.  It tasted like regular cinnamon and raisin bread to me, but I like cinnamon-raisin bread very much anyway.  I always get a really good lunch when I'm there.

We talked about garden club, and the charity the club donates to over the holidays.  G.A., a new member, had suggested a group called Birthright(?), which is apparently a pro-life group.  A younger member, J.M., had things to say.  I'm not sure what I would have said in front of a group of mostly elderly ladies, but I would not have been comfortable donating to a pro-life group.  I told S.M. my views, and said that I thought it was better to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.  I also said that disease prevention was important, too.  She said that the young people nowadays were so promiscuous, that they have so many partners.  I didn't even get into that with her.  I just said again that it was better that they not get pregnant if they were doing it.

I said that I wouldn't want the garden club's charity donation to go to a controversial cause.  One of the charities S.M. donates to  is a home for battered women, and I said that that was not a controversial cause, that people could agree that that was a good cause.  At some point, I'll donate more money to the GLBT organization at [local university]'s funding.  That would be controversial to most of the garden club members, I think.  People can donate where they want to individually.  I think we probably agreed more than we disagreed, but we discussed it in a civil fashion.

Next it was time for computer lessons, and how to download attachments from e-mail.  We saved one that was in Adobe to her documents, and it wouldn't open.  Other people on that list had e-mailed to say that they couldn't open it either, so I told her it wasn't just her.  She usually figures it's just her, but if I can't do something either after a few minutes of experimenting, I tell her it's not just her.

We printed a few things and copied a few things, then I said I'd teach her YouTube.  I had her type in Mercurymay's YouTube address, and it came up as "not found."  I nearly had a heart attack, then realized she'd left out the "e."  We got there once I put in the "e."  I had badly wanted to hear what Thore said in his 20 Questions interview, and I was very happy to see that May had subtitled it (  We watched it together, and S.M. was surprisingly interested.

I loved when Thore realized where Theresa was going with her "favorite body part" question.  "The part that's framed by my wonderful crooked legs," he finally said.  I wasn't sure how S.M. would react to that, but she thought it was cute that he was trying to keep the discussion clean.  I thought it was hysterical that Thore mentioned his "crooked legs."  Some Ichglotzutube viewers pointed out in their comments (around Rob-time -- they were Rob fans *shudders*) that Thore wasn't physically perfect, that he had bowed legs.

I explained to S.M. that Thore had ridden horses since he was a small child, and that's why his legs were bowed.  I think of it as him walking like a cowboy.  Back to favorite body parts, I know many Verbotene Liebe fans have waxed poetic about the way Thore fills out a pair of jeans.  Sometimes it's comments about his "bubble butt," and sometimes it's about his package.  You know who you are.  (KC, for one.)  Bowed legs and all, I think he's a beautiful man.

I got the USB drive I keep in my purse.  It's got various things from books to my work to photos on there.  I showed S.M. the picture of all the actors in front of the Stonewall Inn, and the pictures of me with the actors.  She really liked the "We love Kris" picture where Dennis G. has his face against my cheek.  Everybody in real life (and Jordan) who's seen that thinks it's so cute.  Of course, Kris and I do, too.  The actors I met were such good sports.

We opened another couple of pictures.  One was of of Chrolli's wedding breakfast.  One, when I was trying to get her to open the next one down, was a "Kiss Me" montage from the episode where Christian teaches Olli to ride Bee, the pony.  "I wasn't sure how you'd do with gay romance," I said, but she thought the picture was kind of cute.  Her exposure to gay romance had been limited.  Now that she knows me, she's learning more and more about gay male couples in romance books and on TV. 

Well, we did some of the things S.M. had wanted to do on the computer, and some things that were fun for me.  I think it does me good to get out of the house and visit people.

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