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Thursday AWZ

A little of Roman stuffing his face with fries -- apparently now he eats when he gets nervous.  Before, he used to clean the ceramic stovetop.  Anyway, he talked to Katja, although parts of it were mumbled through the fries.

Isabelle ran to the locker room -- to the shower(?!?) -- and made herself vomit up the drink she'd doped for Katja.  Here's hoping the drug had already been absorbed into her system, the evil witch.  Well, she's turned Claudia against her.  Who ever thought Claudia would be on the side of good?  More stuff with fallout of the doping went on with the Steinkamps and the BDE people.

No Florian and Frank today.  I was hoping for some lovely fireworks and continued complete misunderstandings.  I'm delighting in Florian's sexual confusion.  I questioned myself for about a year, so I've been there, though I was nineteen to Florian's seventeen.  I settled on "bisexual" as the best label of the ones available.  I'm sure Florian will be back to labeling himself heterosexual soon enough, but I hope the experience humbles and educates him.  I also hope that he appreciates how Deniz was there for him.

I believe Simone decided that there should be a Jenny Steinkamp Memorial Cup after all.  Richard was trying to stop it, because Simone had been opposed, but Simone apparently had a change of heart.  Richard and Max are getting along very well now, in their joint concern for Simone.  They even shook hands.  Ben and Max are still getting along pretty well.  From what the Steinkamps said, Axel really is in a coma.  Not that anybody cares, except maybe for Lisabea, who was enjoying how evil he was being.  I was upset that he was adding to the Steinkamps' grief and their suffering of the loss of Jenny.

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