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Wednesday AWZ -- belatedly

Florian and Frank kissed for a good minute, then Florian backed up and took off.  Ironically, he was wearing his "I'm only here for the ladies" T-shirt.

Florian talked to Deniz.  It's good that Florian has a sympathetic person to go to to talk through things.  Florian is not as emotionally expressive as Roman is -- is anybody? -- but he is a talker.  Deniz has turned into a good listener.  It's sweet to see Deniz being supportive of someone so much like he was three years ago.  Deniz understands all about being sexually confused.

Vanessa talked to Franziska.  What Vanessa said reflected her experiences with Deniz, which must have been rather alarming to Frank.  Vanessa advised Franziska to tell Florian that she's a girl.  Frank got as far as going to the Wild-Ozturk flat, dithering for a time, then ringing the doorbell.  Florian looked through the peephole, saw it was Frank, and dithered for a while about answering the door.  Frank unzipped her jacket, and it was clear to see that she had breasts.  She pulled her jacket around her chest a few minutes later though, as she got cold.  When Florian finally opened the door, she was gone.

The Katja-doping plot goes on.  Katja will be allowed to skate.  Isabelle doped Katja's drink, and marked it with a red straw, but Claudia saw her do it.  At the end of the show, after Isabelle had drunk her drink, Claudia came up and said to Isabelle, "Green is for hope."  Isabelle realized in horror that she had just drunk the doped-up drink.

Ingo and Annette continue their swing-dance thing.  It's kind of cute.  They met up with another couple who had a different kind of swinging in mind, but AnnIngo were blissfully unaware of the other couple's intentions.

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