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real life Tuesday

Not too much excitement for me.  I took Mom to the orthopedist so she could get a shot of Synvisc(?).  My impression was that it was something that coated the surfaces of a bad joint, to help it move more smoothly, at least for a while.  The PA told her she'd feel pressure as the liquid went in.  It was apparently quite a thick liquid.  The part of the barrel of the needle that was holding it was pretty large around.  I didn't watch when she got the shot.  The PA moved her knee around, to spread out the Synvisc and get it more evenly distributed.  Mom didn't seem to think that was any fun, either.  I went and held her hand.

The orthopedist's nurse answered a lot of the questions Mom had about a knee replacement.  I said I'd be her "health coach," as the book she got about new knees defines it.  Mom would have a choice of three nursing homes/rehabs to go to for a week after she got out of the hospital, one at least half an hour away, and the others closer.  She's talking about trying to rent a stairlift, one of those seats that takes you up a flight of stairs.  I was outraged that she wouldn't do it for me, but she'd get one for herself.  "Well, you're thirty -- twenty-six -- years younger.  Younger people heal better."

"I could have really used a stairlift.  Do you know how hard it was to drag myself up the stairs using my hands, with the cast weighing me down?"  It still makes me mad that she didn't even suggest it for me.  Well, I can get up and down a flight of stairs now using my cane and hanging onto the railing, so I wouldn't desperately need it now, but it would have given me the opportunity to get regular showers, and wash my hair.

We stopped at Wendy's on the way home to get dinner.  I'll still be Mom's health coach/nursing aide when she gets the knee done, and I'll take the best care I can of her.  Though she despises doing nursing care kinds of work, Mom took good care of me the first couple of weeks after I got home from the hospital.  Also, she took very good care of me when I was a child.

I got bills paid, which I was happy about.  I'm picking up more editing over the next couple of weeks, so I'll be nice and busy.  I have a week of Verbotene Liebe to catch up on.  I may watch last Wednesday's episode tonight.

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