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Alles was zählt Tuesday

Katja was furious with Claudia, as one would imagine.  There was yelling back and forth with various people and the BDE guy, and Ben fired Claudia.  Seeing her fired wasn't quite as satisfying as it might have been under other circumstances.

After Florian's prejudiced rant and departure from the flat, Deniz came after him.  Deniz wasn't as angry with Florian as I thought he might be.  I think Deniz said, "You know homosexuality isn't a sickness."  (Edited: translation: "disease.")

Florian said, "Sure, it's entirely normal in Gunzenhausen."  Something like that.  I'm fairly certain he used the words "Ganz normal."  (Florian said that when he was in Gunzenhausen, he was normal.)

Deniz said, among other things, "You're reminding me of myself back then.  I didn't know what I wanted -- men or women.  I hoped my feelings for your brother would go away."  (Edited: "I was ashamed of my reactions to your brother...I attacked him, hoping that I could beat the feelings away."  I remember that Deniz verbally attacked Roman, and tried to shove him around once.  That didn't go well for Deniz.)  Deniz was really very sympathetic to Florian.  I guess he understood from having been there.  He said, "Come on."

They went to an outside table at No. 7.  I don't know what they'd done with the new interior, but Marian got them coffee.  Florian poured a lot of sugar into his (probably empty) coffee cup.  "Do you want to give yourself sugar shock, or talk?" Deniz asked.  ("Talk or die of a sugar rush?")  .  When Florian didn't answer, Deniz started to sip his coffee.

I believe Florian said, "A guy kissed me."  Deniz' eyebrows went up.  "It was okay."  Flo continued on to say other confused things.

"So you've been fantasizing (dreaming?) about it?" Deniz asked.

"I'm not gay!" Florian said.  "I...I don't know."  He took off again.

Later, he was once again bickering with Frank as the team went into the locker room after practice.  Andy intervened, and Flo got into a fight with him, instead.  Deniz came in, realized what was going on, and broke up the fight.  That was truly a historic moment, Deniz being the one to break up a fight.

Deniz took the hockey players to Lena's yoga class.  I guess they were her first pupils.  Flo, Frank and Andy stayed later for extra yoga.  Lena said for Frank to help Flo, and Deniz to help Andy.  She demonstrated a headstand.  Flo went to do a headstand.  "Well, help him!" Lena said to Frank.  Frank grabbed around Flo's thighs and waist, her hands sliding over his crotch.  Flo excused himself from the class.

Andy came into the locker room, to find Flo getting out of the shower.  They talked a bit, then Andy left Flo to dry off.  Florian then opened his towel, looked down, and had a hysterically funny conversation with "little Flo."  "You react like that to girls, understand?  Girls!"  There was a certain desperation in his "Mädchen!"

Florian returned to the boxing hall, to find only Frank there.  Lena had already left in Rafael-related plot.  Frank said something, and held up a pair of boxing gloves.  It sounded like she was explaining something, or somewhat apologetic.  Flo looked at her, and whatever she was saying faded out.  He kissed her like he meant it, passionately.  That was the end of the episode, the flash being on Florian's mouth as he deepened the kiss.

Of course this will only increase Flo's confusion and anger.  Well, he'll be less confused about whether he wants Frank or not, not that "little Flo" was ever confused on that.  At least Florian will have Deniz to talk to, and Deniz will understand.

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