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Drove Mom to the opticians so she could have a wrong eyeglass prescription changed to the right one.  The doctor had given her a prescription that was too weak, and it was giving her nasty headaches.  We stopped at the liquor store in that shopping center.  Mom got more sherry, I got a bottle of Mudslide and another bottle of Chenin Blanc.  Apparently we like to have a lot of liquor around during the holidays.  It must be a family thing.  Now between wine and Kahlua, I have enough to last me for about three years.

We went to the K-Mart, and I got a little speaker-thing that goes with an iPod, so you can play it for others to hear.  I figured I'd ask the kids how to put it together.

I dropped Mom off, and went to physical therapy.  Very late last night, I had done a lot of the exercises they'd given me, only leaning on my cane and not on a counter as well for several of them, and doing the length of the room back and forth a few times for some.  I told K. that it felt like I'd pulled something around the plate in my ankle.  "Maybe you bruised something," he said.  I pointed out where it was sore.  He said that if it hurt today, to ease back and not do so much.  "Listen to your body," he said.  I managed all the exercises I had for that day, some slower than usual.  I did the treadmill at .8 instead of 1.0, but I got my seven minutes in.

Then I headed off to the GLBT students' meeting at [local university].  S. was doing a presentation.  "You came to see me?" he asked.

"Well, to say hi, but I look forward to seeing this," I said, or words to that effect.  S.'s presentation was on health issues for GLBT people.  He talked about several topics.  S. passed out little calculator-looking things we could point towards the computer and press, so we could get graphs with percentages of our answers.  It was really pretty cool.  He covered general physical health, protecting against transmission of HIV and other STIs, and coming out to your health professionals.  "What if you don't think your doctor would have a clue?" I asked.  S. had information about finding LGBT-friendly health professionals in your area, and talked more about how disclosing your sexual orientation or gender identity to your doctor could help the doctor to consider possible relevant health issues.

S. talked about AIDS-related activism, and how members of an already stigmatized group might not feel they had much more to lose from activism.  He explained it much better than that, and talked a little about the Reagan era, so many years before he was born.

He discussed good and bad ways of dealing with stress, and drug and alcohol use.  It turned out the group was a little below average on marijuana use.  Perhaps it was for the best that the mentor of the group was out of the room for that one.  I might have messed up the curve a little, because I did vote on that question, with a "never" answer.  S.H. would have thrown the curve the other way, stoner that she is.  Still, about 40% of the group smoked up at least a couple of times a month.  S. talked about memory loss, lung damage, anxiety reactions, and other negative side effects of smoking pot.  He wasn't judgmental, though.  S. said that in general, about 60% of college students had tried pot.

S. talked about mental health, bullying, and what to do if you or a friend has suicidal thoughts.  He had Power Point, and showed a picture of Kevin Jennings, and talked about him founding GLSEN.  "You helped to found a group at [local high school]," I said.

"Yes.  A Gay-Straight Alliance."  He'd told me that.

"And you said that someone you knew was pushed down the stairs."  I thought it was on topic, given that he was talking about bullying.  The mentor of the group apparently hadn't known about that.  I guess S. hadn't talked about it with her.  She and S. talked about on-campus and national resources for mental health issues, bullying, and suicide prevention.  A student mentioned the Trevor Project, and I gave what information I knew of the movie's plot.  I hadn't seen it, but I'd heard a lot about it.  V. said that they had information about the Trevor Project in the organization's office.  We talked a bit about the "It Gets Better" videos, too.  The students were well aware of them, which I thought was a good thing, and some mentioned particular ones they liked.

I thought it was a wonderful presentation.  S. is so bright, and very well-informed on a lot of issues.  We in the audience clapped, and S. asked me if I thought it was a good presentation.  "Yes," I said.  "I'm proud of you.  Do you want to be my secret love child again?"

He smiled.  "Yes."  Things are back the way they should be.

I went to the used bookstore, as it was a planning and work night there.  The manager and I talked about some of the things she wanted to do, and how she had some hard-working, but perhaps over-zealous new volunteers who were rearranging a lot of shelves without discussing it with her first, with her showing me what she meant.  We had Chinese food, and B. showed up.  E.M. also showed her some of the arrangement or lack thereof in the back room, and how some of the shelves had been redone.

E.M. tried to think of a project that I could sit down for, and brought out a whole lot of books that she thought might be Christmas romances, and dumped them in front of the romance shelves.  P. and I had been playing phone tag, and P. called back.  She's very tired from working as a cashier in a grocery store right before Thanksgiving.  It's perhaps the busiest time of year for them, and the cashiers end up lifting a lot of turkeys.  I'm sure that will make P.'s bursitis flare up again.

As E. passed by, I took a moment to say, "If it's a man's name as author, it's probably not a romance."  Not unless it's a m/m romance, of course, and we've only gotten straight romances there -- except for those of Suzanne Brockmann's books that tell the story of Jules and Robin's relationship.  I got a box, and put all the non-romance books that E. had given me to sort in them.  I think two or three of the pile were romances.  I had picked a lot of others from the back room boxes of Christmas books, from knowing the authors' names.

I made a stack of Christmas romances.  "Do you want to pull books from one of the romance shelves and put the Christmas romances up?" E. asked.  I didn't want to pull just the "A"s and "B"s.  I got another box from the back, and put the Christmas romances in them.  I explained that I'd been out for eight hours, and was tired.  "Oh.  Well, thank you for what you did," she said.

The highlight of my day was definitely seeing S. give his presentation.  He's such a great kid.  We talked about going to the Stonewall Inn after his birthday, which is the 22nd.  We'll see how the logistics go, because I don't think we want to travel on the holiday weekend.

Aunt P. and Uncle D. have Grandma S. and Aunt A. over for Thanksgiving, and feel that having other relatives besides their (my aunt and uncle's) daughters is too much.  It's their house, after all, and I know our Christmas celebration takes a lot out of Grandma S.  Aunt A. has usually seemed pretty energetic about that until this last year or so, when she was just getting over the chemotherapy and radiation.  It's good the years Aunt A.'s friend (partner, I think) Aunt L. is there.

We'll see how the holidays go this year.  I'm glad Aunt A. made it to Grandma S.'s ninetieth birthday.  Aunt A. is my great-aunt, Grandma S.'s little sister.  I got my chances to talk to them, since I sat by Aunt A. for the birthday lunch, and by Grandma S. after lunch.  We'd definitely like to go visit Aunt A. sometime soon, if she feels up to it.

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