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Sunday so far

A little discussion of doing more work.  I like to stay busy.  I'll be working on several "Sugarplums" stories in the next few weeks, in preparation for Christmas, so I'll stay busy with those.  Some of them tie into novellas, and will require "continuity fairy" work, but I've already downloaded the novellas, and skimmed through most of them.  I'll read them more thoroughly before I do my second runthrough of the Sugarplums.

Dad helped me with the physical therapy exercise that requires someone else to hold the Theraband, while I flex my foot towards me, against the resistance.  The rest of the exercises I can do myself.  I'm keeping in mind that I need to do all of them that I can at home, every day, especially since I'm down to two days a week at physical therapy.  I want to improve as much as I can.  I'm so glad to be back to driving, and able to walk with a cane.  I notice little steps of progress (no pun intended) at least every other day or two.  That's really helping my state of mind, as well.

I keep looking at the comments on the latest clips of AWZ.  One commenter, apparently in all seriousness, referred to Verbotene Liebe as "that other show."  I'm pretty darn sure they were speaking of VL.  I knew that was what some do, and I jokingly say "That Other Show," but it was a confirmation in print for me.  I can appreciate two things at once, each on its own merits.  I've had bad things to say about the writers of VL, but they're getting new writers, which I eagerly look forward to.  I think Jo and Thore are fine actors, and they were so gracious in person, even on Sunday, when everyone was tired.

Anyway, the commenter talked about "that other show" getting lesbian plot, and how he or she would like to see that on Alles was zählt.  Other fans agreed.  I expect "Ick, woman-love" reactions in some of the readers of gay romance, if they run across a f/f book or some f/f content in a book.  I was pleased that that reaction didn't come from EKP fans.  From what I understand, Aldi has a long-term girlfriend, so I imagine she wouldn't have appreciated that kind of comment.  I don't think some of the straight women fans would have appreciated it, either, which is cool.

Apparently they talked about how they'd like to see a plot with Frank "in transition" -- FTM, I assume.  That's not what the show is going for at all, but a plot like that would rock.  There doesn't seem to be such a thing as trans visibility in much popular media.  I read the non-fiction Just Add Hormones, of a then-heterosexual female-bodied person transitioning to be a gay man.  Yes, there are gay transmen.  They have some very interesting stories.  If I wrote, that would be a great fan fiction story, Florian falling in love with a genderqueer Frank.  Talk about needing to question yourself, from both characters' perspectives.

I think I'll get enough out of it by having Florian saying something like Ulli said to Tom.  "Ever since our kiss, I've had such a yearning for you," and "I don't know if I'm gay now, but I want you."  I adored that "Ich will dich."  Those parts of Ulli and Tom's story rocked.

Verbotene Liebe has had lesbians as at least supporting characters several times over the years, some who stayed on the show for years, and good amounts of plot for some.  The show had room enough for a good representation of both gay and lesbian characters.  Someone said they wouldn't want AWZ to have lesbian plot just for the sake of having it, but I think AWZ could do a fine job with characters and storyline.

There's so much material for fan fiction of all kinds, some in canon, and some springing from ripe possibilities.  Well, it tantalizes the imagination, anyway.

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