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I've been watching Mercurymay's Chrolli clips for the week, but I think I've been missing most of the main plots on the show.  Christian and Olli mostly seemed to be cheering on Andi during the earlier part of the week, so I gather there was a lot of Andi plot.  At some point, Helena said that it had been Tristan who told her that Andi was paralyzed, and not Olli.  Christian said that Andi owed Olli an apology, and Olli said, "That's okay."  Sometimes Olli is far too good-natured for his own good.

Today had more Chrolli plot, as Christian and Olli met up with their lesbians again.  The women had decided that they wanted Christian to father their baby.  Christian and Olli got into a competition about who would be better as the biological father.  Apparently Christian was an ugly child, according to old photos, while the women admired little Olli's "big wide eyes."

One little highlight for me is that Christian and Olli were calling each other "Hase."  ("Bunny.")  I briefly wondered if it was a shout out, but I doubt it.

The women also said that someone in the wedding photos was beautiful, and Olli identified her as Christian's ex.  "That's right," the women said, "You used to be into women."

"Ich auch," Olli said.  ("I was, too.")  Finally, the show acknowledges Olli's bisexuality.  The lesbians decided that Olli should father the baby.

"But we don't want in vitro fertilization," they said.  "We want it natural."  Olli got quite the expression on his face.

"Here's to the future father," Christian said, lifting his glass.

It's not that Olli couldn't physically do it, it's that I think he'd be unable to do it from an emotional standpoint.  I have the feeling it would be too much like cheating on Christian to him.  I would love for Olli to have flashbacks to cheating on Tom with a woman, or at least talk about it.  Olli loved Tom, though as a twenty-two-year-old, he might not have had such a thorough idea of what love was.  Christian is the love of Olli's life, and Olli doesn't want anyone else.

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