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AWZ Thursday

The Katja-doping plot goes on.

I'm pretty sure that Max ran over Axel.  Apparently he took a page from his mother's book.  (Vanessa asked him if it was on purpose, and Max said, "You think I'm copying our mother?" or something like that.)
The Steinkamps and Max buried Jenny's ashes in the garden.  Marian and Frau Scholtz were there, too.  It was a touching ceremony, with beautiful grieving.  Marian put Jenny's diary in the grave as well.

Florian is in the depths of sexual confusion.  He's trying to make sure he's really into women, after his dream about Frank.

Florian tried to pick up a girl at No. 7, and it was purely peinlich (embarrassing).  Among other things, but this seemed the main thing, he told the girl that he wasn't gay, that he was 100% hetero.  She heard enough of his rant to eventually just get her stuff together, leave her money for her drink, and walk off.  Just getting a few words, I could tell it was deeply awkward.  I'm sure seeing the translation will have me covering my eyes, afraid to look.  (Added: It was so incredibly awkward and embarrassing.  The girl was having none of it, and she schooled Florian, too.

After his total strikeout at the bar, Flo retreated home.  He looked at the cover of one of Deniz or Roman's magazines, with a man in a swimsuit or underwear, and the tagline "Pure Pride" under it.  He didn't seem to react to that as he feared he might.  Next he got his girlie magazines from a drawer, and took them into the bathroom.

Just after Flo retreated to the bathroom for some...personal time, Roman came into the flat really having to go.  He was practically dancing around, shifting restlessly from place to place.  Finally, Florian came out of the bathroom and Roman got his chance to get in there.  Florian went into the kitchenette, leaned against the stove, and got a little smile that suggested that the girlie magazines had worked.

With Flo sufficiently reassured about his masculinity, Flo and Bastian(?) were in the pool, discussing and eyeing the girls lying in their bikinis.  Frank came by, and said something to Florian.  Flo looked over at Frank, went to get out of the pool, and realized he had an erection.  He sank back up to his chest in the water, with quite an expression on his face.

Flo put a girlie magazine picture of a bare-breasted woman up on the inside of his locker.  Deniz said, "Sehr männlich." ("Very manly.")  Frank said something cutting, which I didn't catch at all, but the other hockey players all high-fived her.  (It was so wrong, but so funny.)

It wasn't exactly Flo's day, but I couldn't help but feel he deserved it.  At this point, events would probably make him think that he was bisexual, or just into Frank.  I don't think he believes he's into men generally -- just into one boi boy.  It's really reminding me of how Deniz was when he was seventeen, and I'm sure it will get more and more reminiscent of that.  AWZ lived up to its raunchy reputation by making it clear that Flo was masturbating, and then that he had an erection when he saw Frank.

I'm sure a good bit of this plot will be subtitled, as Florian and Frank have the appearance of being Gay Boys with Issues at this point.  Florian is sure that Frank is gay, and he's starting to think that he has a same-sex attraction as well.

So the Wilds are getting their share of screen time, with Roman a supporting character in several plots.  Deniz has some lines in the hockey plot, and appears here and there with Roman.  I wish that Deniz and Roman had more substantial plot of their own, as long as it isn't cheating or fighting between them. I'm still happy about how integrated they are into the show.

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