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Thursday so far

I didn't sleep much last night, either.  I went to bed at around 1:30 a.m., very early for me, but it felt like 2:30.  I dozed a little, but mostly just lay there, until 4:30.  I got up and had a snack, and read Growing Beautiful Roses (or skimmed through mostly, and looked at the pictures) for a while, then tried again to get to sleep at 5:30.  I guess I got some sleep.  I woke at 1:00 p.m., feeling somewhat better.  I had breakfast and a couple of cups of Jasmine Lover's tea.  That's one of the prettiest to unfold, with the lily and the loop of jasmine flowers inside.

I didn't feel ambitous about going upstairs and taking a shower, as I was rather cold, but I made myself go up.  I felt better afterwards.  I hadn't washed my hair Tuesday or Wednesday, and I had sworn to not let it go for two days again.  At least I have clean hair now.  I'm getting used to the auburn.  It's not terribly bright, but it's definitely more reddish than brown, I think.  I'll have to take pictures and send them out to Aunt A. and my Internet friends.

I talked to Mom on the phone a few times.  She called several times.  I'm not entirely sure why.  She said it was really nice out again today, and that I should go out, and at least sit outside for a while.  It felt damper and colder to me than yesterday, but I took out a chair and put it by the back door.  There are several geraniums I'd like to bring in.  Their leaves are getting frost-nipped around the edges, but they have lots of buds.  There are still several begonias alive, too.  I just didn't feel like trying to drag in the ones in big pots today, and try to find places for them.

I walked around some, and sniffed at some of the fragrant herbs that are still outside.  The lemon balm and spearmint are still alive.  Surprisingly, I found a heliotrope in the top of a big pot.  It had live leaves, and was even blooming.  I checked the roses planted by the north side of the house, and the ones in pots by the back door.  It looks like the Rosa rugosa 'Alba' is still quite alive, and a cane of 'Roseraie de l'Haye' (the pot was full of mistflower).  'Cardinal de Richelieu' is dead.  It's a very hardy rose generally, but it was in a pretty small pot.  'Mme. Ernst Calvat' has several live canes, though the pot is also full of white mistflower.  'Teasing Georgia' and 'Morning Has Broken' are alive.

All the roses on the north side are still alive.  Growing Beautiful Roses talked about rose scale, and showed pictures.  I had thought that the older canes of a rose just turned grey, or that some of the canes possibly had a fungus.  It looks like a number of the canes on my roses do have rose scale, which grossed me out.  Out of all the rose books I've read (dozens and dozens), I don't remember any mention of rose scale.  The book said that spraying dormant oil or white oil would kill it.  It's an organic gardening book, so I'm sure there are more toxic preparations available, too.

The American cranberrybush viburnum is in full autumn color, the leaves a bronzy-red.  I looked at it, but didn't go too far into the very back of the yard, as I could see where our neighbor thinks the bobcat's den is from where I was.  I saw several piles of deer droppings, too, near the roses and near the vegetable garden.  I guess it was good on principle for me to get outside, and I'd bundled up warmly, but it was more depressing than not to realize that most of the plants will be dead or dormant soon.

I came back in, and tried to think some happy thoughts.  Veterans get a free meal at Applebee's today, so we'll meet up with Dad there.  I enjoy going out to restaurants like that, and I have my soap operas to watch.  P. called to say that she didn't want to go out this afternoon, as she had horrible cramps and so on.  I told her I understood completely.  Maybe we'll go out and about on Friday or the weekend.  I've got to call some of the garden club ladies about getting together, too.  I need to keep being sociable and talking to real live people.  I think that helps my mental state a lot.

I'll add on about our dining out, and the evening.  I have editing to do, of course, but I've read all the previous stories in the series, including the ones with these characters, and her novellas are usually a quick read.  At least I'm trying to keep busy and get out of the house.
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