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Real life Wednesday

Physical therapy.  A couple new exercises -- walking on tiptoe and walking on heels -- not bad.

Didn't sleep Tuesday night (coffee liquor?), so I dozed when I got home.  I would've liked to spend some time outside, as it was nice out, but I was so tired.

Went to church women's supper.  Lots of good food -- pasta main dishes, mostly.  I just thought it was good to get out and socialize with other people, and the church ladies are friendly.  The speaker this time designed prototypes for collectible dolls -- their clothes and accessories.  She also did all kinds of other prototypes that involved clothing and fabric, and even a little work with Sculpy for accessories.  I'll send Jordan her name, so we can Google her, and Jordan can see some of the pictures of her work.

Dad had told us that he'd seen two deer last night, one in the road on his way home from work, and one on the trip to or from his veterans' meeting.  Mom said she'd seen three deer carcasses on the side of the road she takes to work yesterday, and another today.  I took the somewhat windy back road that the church is on very slowly, coming and going.  On our journey back, we got to a more main road, I relaxed slightly, and then a deer loomed up in the road, right in our lane.  Mom and I both screamed, and I slammed on the brakes and swerved slightly over the double yellow line.  Fortunately, there was nothing coming the other way.

I looked around wildly for more deer, as sometimes when you see one, there are two or three.  The one in our lane -- and the thing was huge -- trotted off to the side of the road, and I cautiously started up again.  Mom apologized for screaming.  "No, I screamed, too," I said.  I had been doing thirty up until that time, and
continued at that speed the rest of the way home.  "The cars behind me are just going to have to deal.  The daytime speed limit is thirty-five anyway," I rationalized. 

"I hate driving at night anymore," Mom said.

Once we got home, I had a glass of Chenin Blanc, and Mom had her sherry.  "It's not paranoia if you know there's actually a danger," I said.

"No, it's not paranoia to not want your car wrecked."  If Mom and I agree on something, it must be so.  She's still fairly traumatized from the wreck she had with one a couple of years ago.  She said that one just loomed right up in her lane, too, right out of the darkness, and she had no chance.  She's a pretty cautious and good driver, very good if she knows the route.  I'm not as good a driver, but I'm pretty cautious, especially driving the roads around here at night when I've seen deer on those roads before.

Well, the socialization was good.  Most of the church ladies in that group are very interested in sewing, knitting, and other needlework and handicrafts, so got a lot out of the talk.  I enjoyed seeing the results of the work.  I couldn't imagine doing all those intricate folds and embroidery on the clothes of those tiny figures.  So far the evening meetings of the church women's group have seemed pretty popular.  Some of the women who work are able to make the evening meetings.  They're a kind bunch of people, and I've known some to say hi to for many years.  They're interested in me, and how I'm doing, and glad to see that I'm walking a lot better now.

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