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Alles was zählt the last couple of days

The Steinkamps and Max are still mourning Jenny.  Axel is being extremely obnoxious about it.  He sent police to the villa with an order to take Jenny's ashes.  Simone begged Richard not to give Jenny's ashes to Axel.  Vanessa was pleading with the policemen to leave Jenny's ashes with Simone.  Richard came down with the urn.  The policemen checked inside, and left, apparently satisfied.  Richard later explained to Vanessa that he'd put Jenny's ashes in one of her trophies.  They put it up on the mantle of the fireplace, where all the family pictures are.

The doping plot continues, with Isabelle thrilled with herself for getting Katja to test positive by spiking her water.  Claudia figured it out.  She doesn't have proof, but she told Annette, Roman and even Ben that that's what Isabelle is doing.  Ben said, "But she's my wife!"

"And Katja is her competition," Claudia said.  It's interesting to see Roman and Claudia on the same side for something.  I still think Roman should have more of a part in it.  He saw or heard about all of Jenny's dirty tricks.  This should all be very familiar to him.  He hasn't ever dealt with it as a trainer, and he's going to have to step up and do that.  As fair as he's trying to be to both Isabelle and Katja, despite his and Deniz' off-ice friendship with Katja, he needs to act on what his conscience tells him is right.  Claudia's already offered to bribe people to say the test was negative.  Ben refused to let her do that.

The Frank and Florian plot continues, with occasional glimpses of Deniz.  He got a line or two in the last couple of episodes.  Frank and Florian fought about the bra in Frank's duffle bag.  Flo remained oblivious, but was hurt about the fight.  Clearly Flo has never actually seen a girl close up.

Flo was still mad at Frank during practice.  Ingo yelled at them, then thought, "I am my mother."  Ingo continues to call all the hockey players "girls," but Ingo has never been terribly enlightened.  Florian's nickname of "Prinzessin" suits him, though.  I think even Deniz calls him that now.

Frank and Flo made up, and had another session of eating pizza and watching hockey.  Flo noticed Frank staring at his lips.  It isn't that Flo is becoming less oblivious.  It's that Frank is about as subtle as the show itself is.  Flo asked if he had anything around his mouth.  "Cheese," Frank said.  Frank soon went back to staring at Florian's lips.  The actors do a good job of acting like teenagers.

A day or so later, it was time for the hockey game.  The Steinkamp team won, and piled on top of each other, Frank on the bottom, and Florian right on top of her.  In her joy, Frank pulled Florian's head down, and kissed him.  I was expecting the press to get a picture of it, but apparently that's only the case with Deniz and Roman.

Deniz was next onto the pile, and didn't notice Frank kissing Flo.  Deniz has become sadly oblivious again lately, when he'd gotten a lot more observant and sensitive to others' feelings over the last year or so.  The Frank in boy drag plot is requiring even those characters who have seen girls close up to be extremely slow on the uptake about Frank.

Deniz has seen girls close up, though I prefer not to think about his whole "bisexual/"I'm not gay!" fail.  I think the only sort-of bright spot during that time was somewhere in the depths of Stella-ness, when Deniz actually said, "I'm not gay!" with Roman in the room, and Roman rolled his eyes.  It was complete fail on Deniz' part.  The win was Roman's expression when he heard Deniz say that.  Roman might as well have said out loud, "Sure you're not gay.  You just love it when I fuck you."

Back to the present, the hockey team celebrated in the locker room, then again at No. 7.  Deniz asked Marian how he was doing.  Marian gave a fairly calm reply.  Frank did not show up for the party at No. 7.  Frank and Vanessa hung out a little bit, and Frank told Vanessa she'd kissed Flo, but while she was in boy drag.  Frank and Vanessa are so cute together with their Steinkamp grrrl power, and make an awesome team.

The day after that, Frank and Florian ran into each other in the Center.  Frank started on a "Let me explain" sort of thing.

Flo was having none of it.  "You're gay," he said.  "Your problem.  I'm not."  He said other things, but I didn't catch them that well.  I don't think he wants to be friends with Frank anymore, though.  I can't wait for Flo to start staring at Frank's lips, and lusting for that adorable baby, boy.

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