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Sunday real life

Today was quiet for me in the figurative sense.  J. flew back from Montreal to Philadelphia, and Mom and Dad picked him up at the airport.  He apparently hadn't gotten any sleep for the five days or whatever it was, but he did get to a Canadiens game.  He's been to a number of hockey arenas now.  He's keeping track.  Anyway, he came back to visit for a few hours at the house.

He brought his laptop, and we talked about burning CDs, as we thought that if I wanted the music he had on his computer, we'd have to make CDs, then put it on my computer.  Then we discovered we had a shared library, since J. was using the house network for his laptop.  We figured out how to enable the sharing, and I got a good bit of music from him.  He has 900-odd albums, and he was getting a little anxious to get back to Baltimore after a couple of hours, but I got down to "F" on his album list.  I got The Complete Recordings of Robert Johnson, some Red Hot Chili Peppers, some Green Day, and various other things.  He was surprised by how many of the songs I had on my computer were ones he wanted to listen to.  He didn't think we shared any taste in music at all, except for liking certain grunge and industrial bands.  I don't share his liking of rap music, but I like rock, heavy metal and blues.

He also taught me how to burn CDs so I could put the music on my computer onto a disc.  There were a lot of songs I had that I wanted to be able to listen to in the car, so I was happy about that.  He's the one who teaches me how to use modern technology, and I don't see him very often anymore.  I need to get the kids at [local university] to teach me technology things.  KC tells me things, because he's a big technology geek like that, but it's hard to follow directions given by chat -- or I find it so.  The way I learn is by someone showing me, then having me do it.

We'll see what else I do with my Sunday, but there will probably a lot of reading and surfing the Web.  I have a good few hours of editing to do today, too, so I'll start on that after dinner.  (Added: I seem to have found my role at Changeling.  M. is the Troll -- that's what she calls herself.  Jen is the Proofreading Goddess.  Willa is an elf.  I just declared myself one of the continuity fairies.)

Dad rescued my clivia yesterday, and I'm happy about that.  He also brought in a geranium -- I think the rose one -- that's in a blue-and-white-glazed ceramic pot.  It looks like some of the other geraniums survived the night, and I'd like to bring them in.  I need to go buy Safer insecticidal soap, spray them, and find indoor homes for them.  Perhaps I'll go pick some of the Safer soap up tomorrow.  (Added: Dad said he'd sprayed all of the plants I wanted to save with insecticide already, yesterday while Mom and I were shopping.  He planted the white ornamental kale as well.  I think it looks nice with the purple.
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