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Saturday real life

By this time I've forgotten what we did -- no, not entirely.  We did a lot of shopping.  First we stopped at Wawa (a convenience store in the tri-state area), then went to the post office.  I got the new forever stamps with the pine trees and the "rescue pets" stamps.  The pictures of the dogs are very cute.  There were Christmas stamps -- a Madonna and Child stamp and snowman ones.  I'll probably buy some from Mom when she gets Christmas stamps.  I do need to send Christmas cards to a lot of the ladies in garden club, though, so I may get a sheet of my own.

We went to a supermarket that is generally more expensive for most things, except that they have some very good sales.  Mom peruses the grocery store sale ads intensely.  She's a careful shopper.  She often laments that I didn't inherited her thrifty ways.  I got toothpaste and a box of granola bars that were on sale for a dollar off.  Then we were off to get spring water, 25 cents for a gallon at this little place (would you call it a springhouse?) where you bring your own gallon jugs.

We dropped Dad off at home, I put my walking cast on, and we headed back to [local shopping area].  We stopped to get a form notarized for me.  It's saying that I'll still be handicapped after November 30th.  I think I'll still be walking with a cane, at least outside, for a while after that.  We got gasoline, as I was down to less than a quarter tank.  I don't know where I've driven -- mostly to physical therapy, with perhaps a couple trips a week to [local town].  I haven't been making long drives.

We went to the dollar store, where I got a couple of calendars, horses and butterflies.  Mom had gotten a puppy one.  It's considerably more affordable than the $15 ones at the local bookstores, chain and independent.  I've gotten calendars at [independent bookstore] when they had ones with pictures of old roses, and specifically golden retriever ones for Mom.

We stopped at the library to return a bunch of books.  I was going to renew one, but saw that the line was about fifteen people long, as the library was closing in ten minutes.  I gave up and dropped it in the return slot.

Then we were off to the grocery store, the usual less expensive one we go to.  I got a scooter to ride in there.  I got assorted things there, including bruschetta and tomatoes and mozzerella from the "Mediterranean" bar.  Then I went to get Italian bread to go with the bruschetta.  It seemed logical to me.   I'd expected Mom would follow me, or at least keep tabs on where I was heading, considering that I had the car keys.  She'd put her purse in the basket of the scooter, as well, so I knew she really wouldn't get far.  As I was heading towards the bakery section, I heard, "Emilie, come to Lane Ten."  Mom had gone to check out, then realized I had her purse.  I handed her her purse, and whizzed off again, after agreeing to meet her at the benches.  We were very tired when we were done with the grocery shopping, even though I hadn't walked for that particular part of the shopping trips.

Once we got home, Mom just sat down for a while.  I cut slices of Italian bread and put bruschetta on them.  I asked if anyone else wanted Italian bread, or bruschetta, or mozzarella.  Of course, everyone did.  We cooked tilapia filets in the microwave, and put bruschetta on the fish for flavoring.  It was pretty good.

Mom next had outrage that I'd gotten an issue of Consumer Reports, when I could have looked at it in a library, and copied pages from there.  It was the electronics issue, with TVs, digital cameras, computers "and more."  Not that I'm planning to get a TV anytime soon, as we have several, and I have a little TV/VCR combination in my room.  At some point in the next year or so, I'd like to get a digital camera and a laptop of my own, and it would be nice to know which brands are good while being relatively cheap.  Yes, it was an impulse, on-the-racks-at-the-registers buy, but it's something I can use.  It had an article about Medicare, as well.  When I said that, Mom wanted to read it.  She very quickly goes from outrage at me spending money to wanting to look at or eat or wear or print from (in the case of the printer I bought) the things I buy.

After dinner, it was time for the Chrolli bookclub.  KC and I were the only ones who showed up.  I don't know what happened to A.  KC and I talked for more than four hours.  I updated him on the last couple episodes of VL, then we talked about all kinds of things, including politics and religion.  Apparently things went generally much better for Californians in this election than they did for Pennsylvanians.  Even in California, people were scared of Delaware's Republican candidate for Senator, and they live nowhere near there.  They'd seen the clips of the candidates' debates.  Of course, I know where Widener Law School is.  It's very close to the Pennsylvania/Delaware state line, right on Concord Pike.

Then we talked religion, and agreed on what scared us there.  I said what the general Episcopalian beliefs were on some topics, and talked about those few churches that are schismatic.  There are a few conservative churches who want to -- or have -- set themselves up as missionary churches from African dioceses, which are generally much more conservative.  These churches have been established in America for quite some time, from what I understand.  But that way they can keep the 1928 prayerbook, and the "mainstream" attitudes from back then towards women and social progress.  Women had gotten the vote by then, and perhaps those churches regret not going back earlier.  This is my understanding of the situation, but I'm pretty sure about the 1928 prayerbook, and the objection towards the ordination of women as priests.

KC said he came from a background of Confucianism.  I thought that the religious battles in America between Christian denominations and from Christians towards other groups must seem all the more wacky and frightening to someone who doesn't come from a religious tradition.

I don't know if my chats with KC would be classified as real life, as he's an "invisible, imaginary Internet friend."  I believe he exists, to the extent you can believe that of someone on the Internet.  I believed Lisabea existed before I met her.  I believe Airin exists because I saw him on video at the Gays of Our Lives event, and saw pictures of him there, and pictures he took there.  I believe Kris exists.  I believe Jordan exists, because I'm definitely working for somebody who uses that pen name.  I believe that James, Josh, and Alex Beecroft exist, under different real names.  Alex sent me a pair of earrings as a little "thank you" for my proofreading work on I Do: An Anthology in Support of Marriage Equality.  Josh has sent me some e-books for various reasons.  I believe James exists because it would be hard to make someone like that up.  Actually, I believe Teddypig exists for the same reason.

If I go to Los Angeles, I'll probably meet KC and James, which also lends credence to my "actual person" theory about them.  I've known of tweens and teens -- and read of many adults -- who make up these elaborate online personas.  Although I use a couple of different names, the people who know me know what they are, and that I'm one person.  I don't have a different persona for the different names.  The other name I go by is pretty well linked to here.  (As above.)  I think all that talk about religion got me thinking along the lines of leaps of faith and the limits that they have online.

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