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VL Friday

Some with Ansgar and Lydia.  Tanja was not pleased when she went to the penthouse and found them in afterglow, Ansgar in a bathrobe and Lydia only wearing Ansgar's shirt.  Matthias and Arno were quite unhappy with Lydia as well.  Lydia proclaimed to the Brandners that she loved Ansgar.

Olli and Christian came back from their balloon ride quite happy.  Andi snarled that Tristan had told Helena that he was paralyzed.  Andi was quite correct in this.  Olli thought it was his fault, from the quick telephone call he'd had with Helena.  Andi transferred his fury to Olli.  Charlie set up a meeting between the unsuspecting Christian and Olli and a lesbian couple who wanted a baby.  Christian and Olli bawled Charlie out for interfering, but later decided to give the lesbians a chance.

Helena came back from Cambodia.  Andi tried to present to her how competent he was.  At some point during the dinner he'd fixed, he tried to reach a bottle of water, snapped at Helena when she tried to pass it to him, and spilled the water all over himself.  Helena helped him change his pants.  Andi then told her to get lost.  Well, there are people who accept their disabilities gracefully, and those who don't.  I've certainly vented a lot about mine, but not that much in real life.  I expected people would treat me like my intellect was the same, wheelchair or not.  Of course, it was pretty obvious approximately what was wrong with me, given the cast.  I just wanted people to take my mobility limitations into account.

Thore did the "Clippings" show, the teasers for next week.  There was no mention of Christian and Olli at all.  Thore seemed more comfortable this time than the first time he did it.  Jo was very smooth when it was his turn.  Although they weren't mentioned in that, the vorschau for Monday showed Christian and Olli going horseback riding with the lesbians.  I have a feeling it won't go well for Olli.

So finally in these last couple days we've had a suitable amount of Christian and Olli.  I'm looking forward to a translation of what they actually said today, but May gave a synopsis in the description that went with her clips.

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