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Friday real life

I got to physical therapy okay.  No new exercises, but some I got within the last couple of weeks are arduous enough.  I used my iPod during my time on the stationary bicycle and on the treadmill, and it was a bit of a distraction.

I went to Party City to see what they had left as far as Halloween costumes and accessories.  They had mostly put Christmas stuff up instead.  I had plenty of glow sticks, though I would have gotten a pack of white ones if they had one.  They shine a purplish-white, and it's a very cool effect.  They had some gloves left -- lace, fishnet, satin, velvet -- from short fingerless gloves to long gloves.  I took a pair of lace fingerless gloves and long velvet gloves up to the register, and asked if they were on sale.  They were the normal price.  I said to please just put them back.  I would have gotten them if they were 50% off or more, but not for what seemed rather expensive for cheaply made gloves.

Next I went to the beauty parlor, and had my hair done red.  It's not quite as bright a red as it was in March, but not as dark as when I got it done at the end of May.  We'll see what it looks like after I wash it a couple of times.  I think it will be fairly bright.  It makes me feel better to not see the gray for a while, and I think the red suits me.  It also made me feel like I was kind of getting back to my normal life.

I got three books in the mail today.  One was Wannabes, Goths, and Christians: The Boundaries of Sex, Style, and Status.  I read it today, little bits at a time at physical therapy when I was getting heat on my ankle before therapy and ice afterwards, and at the beauty parlor when I was under the hairdryer, then all evening at home.  I love sociological books that explore interesting topics and subcultures.

The second book was Growing Beautiful Roses, which looked rather familiar.  If I do have a copy of it upstairs with my rose books, I'll give one of the copies to the secondhand bookstore.  The third was Writing Desire: Sixty Years of Gay Autobiography.  I'll see if S. is also interested in reading that one.  It's another one that sounded quite interesting to me, and that I'd been thinking of getting for quite some time. 

So it wasn't a bad day.  Parts of the physical therapy are still pretty painful, but I'm interacting with actual people, with the therapist and therapist's assistant, and saying hello to the other patients.  My physical therapist is a pretty talkative guy, and we discuss a range of subjects.  Today I was telling him some about the roses I'd ordered.  He was telling me about the roses and other garden plants he and his wife had found planted in their yard when they moved in.  It was all overgrown by ivy, but when they got rid of that, they found all these shrubs.

I enjoy going to the hairdresser, and getting the attention.  I'd seen that beautician, D., a few times now, and she really likes how the different shades of red we've done turn out.  She was saying that this shade was beautiful.  I think she has a really good idea of what it will look like when it lightens up a little.  I'll have to e-mail photos in a couple of days.

D. asked what we were doing for the holidays.  I said we'd probably have our Thankgiving dinner with family friends, Mrs. L. and her daughter A.  D. said that her door was open to everyone on the holidays.  It sounded like she invited people who would otherwise be alone, or people who wouldn't have been able to cook a dinner for themselves.  It sounded really nice.

It was also good to have an evening where I could just relax and read.  It had been a relatively busy week for me.  I got out and socialized a lot, and I think that's good for me.  I like to keep my mind busy with the occasional academic book.  I like the ones with lots of case studies rather than the ones that are all theoretical.  Wannabes, Goths, and Christians tied stories of real people's lives together with an examination of the race, class and gender norms that bound them, or that they were rebelling against.  It gave me a lot of food for thought.

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