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AWZ Thursday

Apparently the swing dancing was an incentive for Annette and Ingo to have sex multiple times.  The show gets pretty raunchy with the straight couples, too.  I started wondering if I just wasn't that into watching het anymore, then decided I just wasn't that into watching Ingo.  (Edited to add: Ingo started to tell Lena about it, and she put her hands over her ears and started saying, "La, la, la."  I guess some things are universal.)  Richard and Claudia's one-star video just made me want brain bleach.

I've been wanting to note that the Bergmann flat has a hockey calendar with Florian as Mr. October -- and now apparently Mr. November as well -- displayed on the wall.

Roman is finally involved in hearing about Isabelle's stupid doping scheme, though none of the other characters know it was Isabelle yet.  Ben asked her if she was doping, and she went into a nasty snit at him.  Ben told Roman that one of the skaters was doing steroids, and Roman asked Katja if it was her.  Katja indignantly denied it.  Isabelle went to Axel, and now they're doing tests on the skaters.  Isabelle got a big grin on her face, although at least she had her back to Claudia when she had that evil and triumphant smile.

I'm sure either Roman or Claudia or both will figure out that Isabelle was behind it all.  On the one hand, Roman is involved in plot.  On the other hand, it's stupid Isabelle, Ben and Katja plot.

I'm trying to remember if Florian and Frank were around.  They're in tomorrow's episode for sure.

Max brought Simone home.  Richard gave a great cry of grief (covered over by a song) and collapsed when he saw that Simone was holding an urn of ashes.

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