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AWZ - Wednesday

A lot with Ben and Isabelle and Katja and skating.  The skating association people were there.  Isabelle kept spiking Katja's drinks with instant-acting liquid steroids.  Well, the medical plots on the show are generally pretty shaky when compared to actual science.  I'm not going to say always, because apparently they did pretty well with what the morning-after drug cocktail Deniz was taking against HIV infection was like to take, and what the odds were with taking it.

Axel found the mini steroid bottle that Isabelle had thrown away, and took it to Ben.  Ben said something to Isabelle at the end of the show.  I don't think Isabelle volunteered any information about spiking Katja's water with drugs, but she didn't look happy with whatever Ben said at the end.

The Frank, Flo and hockey team plot progresses along.  Frank watched Flo and his date at the fry stand, from a semi-hiding position on the curve of the half-pipe.  She did a little "he said, she said" dialogue with Flo's voice and a girl's voice.  Vanessa added in a piece of dialogue, and Frank muttered something sullen and took off.  I think that was the first time Vanessa and Frank had seen each other.  Flo later told Frank that the girl hadn't particularly been a kindred spirit, and had wanted to take him shopping.  At the end of the hockey team scenes, Flo finally seemed to be looking at Frank with that certain sparkle in his eye.  I'm sure it's an unconscious sort of interest that way at this point, but it's a beginning.

I fast-forwarded through some of the Annette and Ingo stuff.  Tom moved into the flat.  I'm not sure why.  That makes it three Bergmann sisters, Ingo, Alexander, and Tom.  I have no idea how many rooms the flat has.  I have the feeling rooms are added on as they're needed.

Tom just happened to bring his swing-dancing (yes, swing-dancing) records with him.  He and Lena started swing-dancing.  Annette got into it.  At some point, Deniz and Roman got caught up into the swing-dancing craze.  Tom said, "The woman puts her, who's the woman?"

Roman and Deniz pointed to each other and both said, "He is."  Tom decided that Roman was the woman.  Roman was not pleased, but went along with it for dancing purposes.  I'm just going to imagine that Roman will take the opportunity later to remind Deniz that he's all man.  It's perfectly clear that there's no "woman" in that relationship.  If anyone's a little more submissive, which is different, it's Deniz.  However, Roman and Deniz have been established as being quite versatile indeed.

Annette and Ingo took the opportunity while everyone else was dancing to have sex in the bathroom.  Whatever.  Apparently that was their plot.  Ingo had earlier found Annette in the bathtub, with cucumber slices over her eyes, a facial mask on, and incense burning on a tray.  He put the incense sticks out in the bathwater.  I was freaked out thinking he'd burn Annette doing that.  Also, I'd just get mad if someone interrupted my relaxing time, especially if they put out my incense.  Ingo was about to jump in the tub right then when Tom cock-blocked Ingo by moving in.

Perhaps it would make more sense if I understood what Annette and Ingo had been saying, but Ingo's just not my favorite person.  I've been lukewarm at best about him since the start of his horribly unfunny comedy "career," during which he got laughs by making cheap gay jokes and humiliating Annette.  He's had his moments of acting like a grownup, a few times around the hockey team, but I haven't been won back over.

We should get a translation of some of the swing dancing dialogue.  The scenes were kind of cute.  It was just a tiny thread of, "Hey, folks, let's get up and dance!" plot, but it had a certain charm.  Lena sparkled, Tom sparkled, the guys sparkled moderately in the semi-background.

So, we'll see where the ice skating, hockey, and Steinkamp family plots go.  I feel like I've been waiting a while for some payoff in the Flo and Frank plot, but they are cute, and they're establishing a friendship now.  I'm finding the Richard and Ben scenes much more interesting than the Ben and Isabelle scenes, which is a little sad.  I can't wait until Simone and Max get back home.

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