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VL - Wednesday

I fast-forwarded through some of the Constantin and Jessica scenes.  I think she's trying to give him advice on romance or cheer him up.  I'm not too clear on that.  I'm also not clear on why he just doesn't tell her to go away.  I caught one exchange where she said, "Are you sure you're a von Lahnstein?  You're lousy at lying" (or "don't like to lie," one or the other).

Constantin, who's been teased a lot in the past by the villains of the show about being an adopted von Lahnstein, said, "Believe what you will," to Jessica.

I fast-forwarded through just about all of the Nico and Prince Boring scenes.  Apparently the prince proposed.  I thought, "Isn't he still married to Antonia?"  I wonder if Nico pointed that out.

Arno ran into first Prince Boring and then Tristan, too, at Schneider's.  I don't know if he knew that Tristan and the prince were close buddies, but he seems to loathe both equally, and probably even more so now that he knows they're a set.  Prince Boring later came to Arno's apartment to talk to him (about his intentions for Nico?), and talked for a while.  I fast-forwarded through four minutes of it or so.  Arno finally slammed the door in the prince's face, but the prince said, "I don't give up that easily."  Whatever.

After two days of no Chrolli, there were several minutes today of them being the sounding boards for other people's plots.  Andi let himself out of the hospital.  Once at the apartment, he was trying to stand up from his wheelchair without having the brakes on.  I just tried what he was doing, but with the brakes on, and I can stand just using my arms to hold myself up.  I can't do it for long, but I can do it.  Andi is at the peak of upper body strength for a young man of his size.  I don't see how he wouldn't be able to stand if he set the brakes first.

I guess Andi's not supposed to know what he's doing yet, but it would be better to have a good model of how to use a wheelchair, when it's on TV like that.  He talked for a while to Christian, and Olli and Christian worked to make the apartment more accessible for disabled people.  They're not treating him any differently, though.  Andi had had that nightmare that his friends would drop him if he was handicapped, but the reality is nothing like he feared.  They're being quite supportive.

Constantin continues to have his lovesickness, and talked to Olli about it a little bit.  Christian brought Andi down to No Limits.  Tristan came in, and sat down in the booth across from Andi's wheelchair.  Andi was not friendly.  I think Andi suspects that Tristan is trying to use Andi's disability for his own benefit.  Andi asked Olli if he could switch to a different table, and Olli was happy to help him with that.  Andi tried again to stand and shift to a chair or the booth.  He'd still do much better if he'd set the brakes on the wheelchair, or have paid attention in the hospital, where they presumably showed him the right way to transfer himself.

Anyway, Andi fell on the floor.  Tristan was one of the people who picked him up.  Tristan had pocketed Andi's cell phone, which rang.  It was Helena calling.  The show ended with Andi telling Tristan to give back his phone.  We'll see where that goes.  I wonder if Olli will once again be tempted to ban Tristan from No Limits.  If Gregor was still there (still desperately missing Gregor), Tristan and Jessica would both be banned.  Olli should have banned Lydia's stalker, Jens, too, whether he was supposed to be "cured" from stalking or not.  I guess there are only so many places in fictional Dusseldorf for the characters to meet, so they need to keep giving the villains access to them.

Next episode is the one where Olli and Christian finally go on their hot air balloon ride.  That should be fun to watch.  I wonder how it was to film it.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

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