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update on the mama

Mom says she doesn't want to have a knee replacement until after Christmas.  She got a whole spiralbound book about getting a new knee.  It's a slender book, but it's definitely a book.  I skimmed through some, and read some pages completely.  I read some particularly good sentences aloud, until I was stopped.  I'll probably end up being the "health coach" in the family who provides her care.  I worked nine years off and on as a nursing aide, so I know a fair amount about assisting people with activities of daily living.

I'm not quite sure what Mom's thinking, wanting to wait two months.  I can kind of see why she'd want to get through the holidays, but it means she'd be in pain for longer than she would otherwise.  The orthopedist told her it took three weeks to schedule a knee replacement surgery.  There are a lot of senior citizens in the area.  It means she'll be wearing the brace for two more months, too, as far as I can figure out.

I expect posts about this will at some point be replacing my own medical news to a great extent.  I have the feeling that I'll not only be Mom's "health coach," but her driver as well.  I have that flexible schedule, and generally work on my editing late at night anyway, when everyone else has gone to sleep and I won't be disturbed.  She did a fair amount of driving me around in the last several weeks, so I owe her.  At least she makes a better patient than Dad does.

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