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Monday on Alles was zahlt

Roman is back.  I was excited.  Deniz' reaction was very low-key, because he was anxious about when he'd give Marian Jenny's journal.  Roman finally got a cheek kiss from Deniz after asking for one.  I expected more in the way of joyous reunion.  I'm sure it will all be translated.  Roman stroked Deniz' cheek later on, and Deniz turned his head a bit and kissed Roman's hand.  That was a little more like it.

I was eagerly waiting to see if Richard would succeed in strangling Axel.  He nearly did, but the strain of it all was more than Richard's heart could take, and he had what was probably a small heart attack, or at least severe angina.  He sat back on the bed, hand clutching at his chest, whispering, "Hilfe."  When Axel got a little breath back, he got water, and then withheld it until Richard answered his questions.  I couldn't believe he was grilling Richard while Richard was having a heart attack.  Well, I suppose Axel wouldn't actively kill someone.  That seems a very pale endorsement.

Vanessa got there, and threw Axel out.  Axel found his bodyguard downstairs eating pastries, and fired him.  I liked Otto.  Vanessa called for Frau Scholtze, and presumably one of them called the paramedics.  One was shown leaving, with Vanessa thanking him.  Vanessa said to her father that she didn't want to lose anybody else in her family.

Isabelle got mad at Ben because she thought he'd slept with Katja.  Ben said he hadn't.  Isabelle scoffed.  Tom, who was right there, said it had been him.  Ben left.  Isabelle later apologized to Ben, who took her apology far too easily, I thought.  I would have held a grudge, but I'm like that.  I'm not sure how Isabelle feels about it having been Tom who spent the night with Katja, but I suppose it was much preferable to her that it was Tom rather than Ben.  Ben later had a dream that he and Katja were making love, and of course Isabelle heard him say "Katja" in his sleep.

Isabelle is very jealous, though some of it is justified.  Showing all her jealousy to Ben is not the way to keep his love, I don't think.  It would probably help Isabelle if she had a female friend she could talk to, or if Roman wasn't more friendly off the ice with Katja.  Isabelle and Roman have had the occasional bit of friendship or cameraderie sparkle, and it's a nice connection.  I would like to see that become more developed, but I doubt it would happen.  Isabelle isn't all bad, but she's getting a lot of hatred from most of the other characters.

As I've mentioned, I'm pretty over the Katja/Ben/Isabelle thing.  The only bright spot is Tom.  I want Tom to have more friendship ties to the people of fictional Essen.  He seemed to be getting along well enough with Annette, helping her out.  She's a good person to have on your side, and it seems like Tom is a good person for other characters to have on their sides.

So...they've got to have more Deniz/Roman cuddling.  Some of them working together to help solve some of the issues in fictional Essen wouldn't be bad, either.  Roman has his place training the ice skaters, and Deniz has his place with his internship and with the hockey team.  They're both involved in various plots with their friends and family.  They don't have their own central plot, but they're getting pretty heavy use as supporting characters, and have strong friendship and family connections with many of the other characters.

I'm enjoying the Steinkamp and von Altenburg plots.  One bright spot of Jenny's disappearance has been that all her relatives are coming together as a family, including some who are much more often enemies.  All of those actors are rocking their scenes.  They've got wonderful chemistry, and they've a talented group.  Most of the series regulars have good acting skills.  The veteran actors, like the ones who play Richard and Simone, are fantastic.

I'm also quite interested in the hockey plot.  The male players are jerks, which may be synonomous with "adolescent boys."  Florian was saying much more ignorant things to Bastian than I had thought.  It just fooled me that his attitude and body language were mellow.  I don't know why I expected Flo to be more politically correct.  He likes Deniz quite a lot, and is developing a very nice brotherly relationship with Roman.  I thought Roman had suceeded in training Florian better.

Frank is cute, though she's trying to fit in by acting like a jerk herself.  I wish that somehow she could have accepted the other players' suspicions that she's gay in a graceful fashion.  Deniz acted pretty disgracefully in his time in reaction to the other players' homophobia, though he had Roman to teach him some lessons and bring him out.  Roman forgave Deniz way too quickly for some of the stunts Deniz pulled back then, but Roman's made some very bad decisions when he's in love.

I want Flo to talk it over with Roman as he begins to question his feelings for Frank.  I'd like for more of the other characters to meet Frank, and get the chance to interact with her.  Generally I'm heavily in favor of deeper interactions between the more sympathetic characters, and the development of their various relationships.

Max is in Russia, looking for Simone.  A Russian family found her lying in a field, her clothes all smeared with mud, clutching the urn that has an unidentified woman's ashes in it.  I have a feeling that Simone will have amnesia for a while, or just remain in shock for a couple of weeks.  I want her to get back to her usual indomitable self relatively quickly, but I think it will take some time.

More of the plots are winners for me than not, and the majority of the characters have had some major win lately, each in their own ways.  The show has been pretty pleasing.

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