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A little shopping.  I drove to [local shopping area].  Mom picked up the pants she'd had shortened.  We went to a produce place.  Mom and Dad went in to see how late it was open, and how long the lines were.  I stayed in the car for a bit, then put my walking cast on.  They were just coming out as I went in.

Since the little Indian grocery is in that shopping center, I asked if we could stop there while Mom and Dad stayed in the car.  I promised not to get anything strongly scented.  I couldn't find cinnamon soap.  The one bar I'd gotten had seemed to have been there a while, because I thought about getting it whenever I went in there for some months before I finally got it.  I asked at the register.  The proprietor didn't think they had it.  They had another bar of frangipani soap, which I decided to go back for when the bar I have is used up.

I ended up getting a can of rasmalai and a bottle of mango drink.  We still had a good bit of shopping to do, and I didn't want to get anything perishable.  If they had had mango lassis, I probably would have gotten one, but they just had sweet lassis.

Dad had taken over driving at this point.  We drove to the shopping area in [town a little further away].  They'd just opened a grocery store called "Bottom Dollar."  I think it's a chain.  Mom wanted to go because they were having a really good sale on soda, so we stocked up.  I got Quaker oatmeal (raisins and spice) there, since it was on sale 2 for $5, and that's a flavor I like.

We stopped at Staples.  I got some batteries and a couple of holders for USB drives, since I'm getting quite the collection of memory sticks and I lose them easily.  I was getting hungry, so I got some Ghiradelli chocolate.  Even Staples sells chocolate now.  I guess they figure that when you're working in an office, you need chocolate sometimes.  Dad got an extension cord, an 8G USB drive of his own for when he backs up his computer, and ink for my printer.  My printer is now the only functional one in the house, apparently.  We've got five or six printers piled up in the closet in the computer room.  I keep saying we should give them away, but Dad wants to hold on to them.  He says at least some of them work, but I strongly doubt it.

We had Chinese food for dinner.  I went onto Amazon, and looked at my wish list.  A lot of the items on my list were from 2007.  I deleted enough to go from 11 pages to 7.  I bought a couple of the books on the wish list new, and several used.  Most of the used ones were from a penny to three dollars or so.  I'll be getting packages in the mail for a while.

My aunt is very sick with lung cancer, and sent us some money as an early holiday gift.  I'll wrap the new books as Christmas presents from her.  We usually celebrate the big family Christmas party in January.

Going with that theme, I ordered some roses, and specified they be delivered in mid-April, which is the proper planting time here.  I'm having the message with them read: "Dear Emilie, Happy birthday.  Love, Aunt A."  I don't know.  I think it will be sad but nice to remember who they're presents from.

I lost track of time during my book shopping, and didn't realize that the Chrolli book club was on until 8:30.  I think A. gave up, but KC was there.  He'd signed on a couple of minutes earlier.  We discussed various things.  He tried to find links for old episodes of VL for me.  I told him about my shopping.  I'll have to talk to A., and see if he ran the most recently subtitled videos.  We're all glad that Nanna is feeling better.

It wasn't a bad day for me.  The rose shopping was bittersweet.  Aunt A. had given me a gift certificate for one of the rose companies as a Christmas present before, at my request.  I got a lot of roses then.  I potted them, so I enjoyed them that year, but the hybrid teas didn't make it through the winter.  This time I want to plant the roses in a raised bed.  They should get through the winter much better that way.  I think Dad will want to participate when he learns that the roses are what Aunt A. gave me.

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