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AWZ -- mostly Steinkamps

Well, the Steinkamps and also some Bergmann plot.  Axel and Ben had a tense meeting.  Isabelle had done a nice sushi dinner for Ben, but Axel told him he had to have the presentation ready tomorrow about the NRW competition.  They say, "NRV," but it's North Rhine/Westphalia.  Ben did a late night pulling a presentation together.  He came home to a note from Isabelle saying she'd gone off to training.  Someone came in, and Ben thought it was Isabelle coming back.

It turned out to be Richard, who had some shoddy-plot-logic reason for why he couldn't get to a phone from the time he was released from a Russian jail until he came to his own door.  Ben was happy to see him anyway.  Richard was ready to go to the Center, but Ben told him to take it easy.  "They probably weren't giving you your heart medicine in jail, were they?" he asked.  Richard must have been pretty tired, because he agreed to go to the villa instead of the Center.

Vanessa found Jenny's "Tagbuch(?)" -- diary, I'm assuming -- and read it.  It had a picture of Marian by an entry about him.  Vanessa passed the diary on to Deniz, and told him he'd find the right time to give it to Marian.  She'd tried to give it to Marian earlier, but Marian was reviving Stella's clown car as a delivery truck(?) for No. 7 and the fry stand.  I think I lost a lot in translation for that whole scene.  Either that, or the scene made no sense whatsoever even if you do understand German. 

Tom and Katja had their morning after, in which they decided they were better off as friends.  Katja didn't look like she was going to say anything to Tom in the morning, but he said, "It was great, you were great, let's be friends."  She looked very relieved.

Ben came to the Bergmann flat, and tried to get into Katja's room to talk to her about the presentation(?).  Ingo came out of the bathroom, and saw Ben at Katja's door.  At the fry stand, he told Annette that he'd seen Ben come out of Katja's room, just as Isabelle happened to be passing by the stand.  I expect there will be hair-pulling.

Axel had a cracky hallucination of the Steinkamps pouring Jenny's ashes into the fireplace.  He and his bodyguard, Herr Otto(?), pushed their way past Frau Scholtz into the villa.  Axel got fireplace ashes and put them in a plastic bag, then went upstairs to toss Jenny's room.  Otto put in earbuds, started rocking out, and plundered the kitchen for pastries.  While Otto was in the kitchen, Richard came in, and went upstairs.  He found Axel searching through Jenny's closet, and realized that Axel was the one who'd gotten him thrown into jail.  The cliffhanger ending was Richard strangling Axel.  (I'm sure that even if he did kill Axel, Axel would come back as a zombie.  That would be kind of cool.)

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