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Friday so far

Basically just physical therapy.  K., the physical therapist, said that they'd shown me about everything they were going to show me.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to graduate.  I'll see the doctor on November 22nd.  They've got me walking a different-colored strip in the carpet as if walking a balance beam, and I can't do it without at least the cane.  The cane and hanging onto the counter with the other hand works better.  I don't think my balance was that terrific in the first place.  I'm doing okay learning stairs, and doing the stretches they showed me.  They know I've been working hard.

Mom wants to go out to department stores to go shopping.  She doesn't have a pair of black slacks that fit, and she's right that you need at least one pair.  I should go through more of my things to see if I have a pair that are a bit too small for me but would fit her.  Considering how many black clothes I have, there must be a few more pairs of slacks in there.  This is even after I took out a couple pairs that were too small when I made those bags for Goodwill.  I know I have three or four pairs of black jeans, but jeans are not what she wants, and I'll wear those myself when I'm back to wearing jeans.

We're also talking about finding me a computer chair that doesn't have wheels.  I'm still wary about trying to sit down in a chair with wheels.  All the kitchen chairs and computer chairs we have are on little wheels.  We've put a couple chairs without wheels in the kitchen for me, and they're all right, especially now that I can walk around with the cane.

Will report on whether we do a shopping trip...I got very cold, and didn't feel that ambitious.  The weather report said it would be freezing cold out.  I kept the walking cast on for a few hours.  My ankle, swollen at physical therapy, didn't reduce in size, and possibly swelled more.  I'll probably go lie down and read soon enough.  So, no trip tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.

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