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AWZ Thursday

Max and Ben are basically continuing with their truce.  Vanessa fainted upon hearing whatever news Max got from Russia.  Axel rushed into the office to try to take advantage of it, and Ben kicked him out.  I think Max may be leaving for Russia.  Max gave Vanessa a hug and kiss before he left.  Max and Ben are both tender with Vanessa.  The new Ben and Vanessa continue with their sizzling chemistry.  I'm getting the biggest kick out of that.  That must have been sheer dumb luck for the people who did the casting.

Flo and Frank hockey plot continues.  Isabelle seemed to be actually relatively sympathetic to Frank, and Frank seemed to regret some of the bad things she'd said about Isabelle.  I have the feeling that Florian and his hockey buddies were saying very politically incorrect things about Frank, but they are seventeen-year-old boys.  Some things seem to be universal.  Deniz wasn't around today, or he would have shut them up.

Florian came to the penthouse looking for Frank, and she scurried off to put on her binding and boy drag.  A scene later, they were sitting in front of the TV, watching hockey, drinking beer, and eating pizza.  It's a classic male bonding kind of thing in America.  I assume that has similar meaning in German culture.  The EKP ladies are sure that Florian's a virgin.  I agree.  They said they were sure Deniz was a virgin, too.  I'm positive that was established in canon, that Deniz was a virgin.  This current teenaged generation is full of testosterone -- or estrogen, in Frank's case.  Florian and his buddies want girlfriends in the worst way.  They just have no idea how to go about it.  I'm still looking forward to Florian coming to realize that he wants Frank as a boyfriend.  That should be good.

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