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AWZ Wednesday

Simone is frozen in place.  Max and Ben have reluctantly united in their hatred of Axel and concern for their parents.  Vanessa came in, yelled at Ben and Max, and went back out.  The direction of that could have made it less abrupt.  There was a really good scene of Vanessa playing and replaying Jenny's part of the wedding video, and Ben coming over to her, putting his hands on her shoulders, and kissing her hair.  Vanessa and the new Ben have mad chemistry.

Ben told Tom he'd have to do the gaming presentation himself, and Tom seemed freaked out by nervousness by the end of the show.  He'd practiced in front of Annette, Ingo, and Lena.  Lena seems to have so much more personality when she's single, and she interacts pretty well with Katja.  Tom seems to be becoming an honorary Bergmann.  I'm not sure what's up with that, but I'm happy that he's making friendship connections in town.

The Flo and Frank plot continues to bubble along.  Frank's hormones are all over the place.  Well, to be fair, Florian's pretty much a walking hormone, too.  Flo's buddy Bastian is being rather insistent regarding his theory about Frank.  Frank was jumping rope, and Basti said, "Look how he's jumping.  He's got to be gay."  Frank seemed to be having binding issues, and has those curvy hips.  I would have said she was jumping rope like a girl, but the hockey players and Ingo are stunningly oblivious.

Flo was fairly laid-back in his reaction to what Bastian was saying.  "My brother's gay," Florian said.  I think he possibly said something about Roman being able to jump really well.  It's true, Roman's skating doubles could do amazing jumps.  I'm very curious to find out what Flo really said.  It didn't seem like he was having an issue about it.

Frank, however, was having an issue.  She was practicing boxing, with Basti holding the blockers.  He said something to her, and she hit him.  Ingo kept her behind after training.  "He provoked me," Frank said.

"Hockey is all about provocation, at all levels," Ingo said.  "You have to shrug it off."  (Or words to that effect.)  It just wasn't Frank's day.  Flo was friendly with her, even after hearing Basti's theory, but other than that, she had a crappy day.  Just having cramps like she was can make it a crappy day, let alone her assorted feelings towards the other hockey players.

The young woman who plays Frank is a good little actress.  She's not convincing as a drag king, but she's adorable as a tomboy.  I can't wait for Frank and Vanessa to meet.  I think they'd really hit it off.  I'm pretty happy to have Vanessa back.  I'm especially enjoying Vanessa's interactions with the new Ben, but she's got great chemistry with Max, Simone, and Richard, too.  They have this tangled history, and they've got that understanding of each other.

Getting back to hockey plot, Deniz wouldn't stand for it if he heard any gay-baiting comments, and Ingo would likely put a quick stop to it as well, if he heard something.  We'll see how Flo handles it.  I'm still thinking it will be an interesting ride.

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