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VL Wednesday

Very little of Olli, except for Constantin asking him if he'll be around in the morning.  All the others are either working (Olli and Christian), in the hospital (Andi), or in Cambodia (Helena).  Constantin fixes a nice brunch for Nathalie, only to have her forget when Matthias also fixes her a brunch.  Constantin comes over to see Nathalie and find out why she ditched him.  Nathalie tells Constantin it's over.  It had barely begun, so that was quick.

I fast-forwarded through the plot of Prince Boring, his father, and Nico.  I hope Nico gets some storylines that don't involve Prince Boring.

Jessica was pretty entertaining today.  Tristan didn't want to give her a car.  She dressed up in "Helena-Kostum" (yes, it makes me laugh every time) and seduced him, after setting a camera.  Sadly, she didn't set it quite right, so all she got was their legs.  She went to Schneider's, and ordered champagne with the money Tristan gave her.  At the end of that plot, it looked like an older gentleman was going to pick her up.  Charlie disapproves of Jessica already, and will probably disapprove even more if she starts picking up men in Schneider's.

During last week's Chrolli book club, I said that Jessica was the German equivalent of white trash.  KC looked it up, and said it would be "weißer Abschaum."  Did I mention how much KC rocked that night?  The actress, Jana(?), does a good job playing a white trash character.

Judging by the vorschau for tomorrow, there's more of Olli.  Apparently Rebecca's asking him if he thinks her new crush is gay.  I could swear she says something like, "Isn't there a secret handshake?"  I think Olli denies it.  Olli seems to be usually pretty good with the gaydar, although he majorly failed with Rob.  I'm still praying that Rebecca's new storylines mean she hangs off the guys less.  You can almost see the writers and production crew working out how they can shoehorn Rebecca into every possible Chrolli scene.  I don't see why they can't have their own sparkly chemistry sometimes without her there dragging down the scenes.

I'm just going to concentrate on how much Constantin sparkles, and how beautiful the guys are, and try to ignore the actors who lack chemistry and acting skills.

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