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VL so far this week

Monday: Andi is paralyzed, and the doctors can't figure out why.  Somewhere along the line, I'm sure this will lead to a miraculous recovery.  The actor, Dominic(?) is doing a good job of it, even if Andi did hit his legs just like Stella did.  He'll be starting physical therapy soon.

I'd rather know really what they said, but May did a summary in her description.  Olli and Christian talked to someone from an agency that does foreign adoptions.  Apparently it can be very expensive and take a very long time.  Like me, May was asking why Rebecca had to be in all those scenes.  Costume department continues to love Thore, by bringing back the black V-necked T-shirt that shows off his collarbones so beautifully, and by having him in those black boxers and sleeveless T-shirt.  I wish they'd show some love for Jo.  I think they had him in those gray pants somewhere along the line, so that's something.

Lydia and Sebastian were trying to make up at the end of Friday's episode, but something went wrong.  I didn't understand enough to get whether it was Sebastian or Lydia who couldn't go through with having sex with the other.  Sebastian kicked Lydia out.  I think he called her a whore in the process.

Ansgar saw Lydia leaving the castle, and saw her crying.  He ran up the stairs to confront Sebastian.  They were shouting, and probably close to getting into a physical fight, when Justus knocked, and asked if there was anything wrong.  "Alle ist in Ordnung," Sebastian said.  Ansgar agreed that there wasn't a problem.  I think that was Justus' way of breaking up a fight, but that fight is just going to continue.  If Ansgar gets into a fight with anyone who upsets Lydia, things will be pretty lively around Konigsbrunn and fictional Dusseldorf generally.

Lydia retreated back to Matthias and Nathalie's house.  A death announcement for Lydia's stalker, whose name was apparently Jens, was in the paper.  Lydia went to visit his grave, said something, and cried.  When she stood up, Ansgar was there, and he hugged her.  It's not just lust, though they have sizzling chemistry.  He's tender with her.

Tuesday: Ansgar continued to comfort Lydia and reassure her, and wipe away some of her tears, while they stayed in a long hug.  They walked out of the cemetary with his arm over her shoulders.  Ansgar took Lydia back to her area of fictional Dusseldorf in his car.  They hugged upon parting, and Matthias happened to walk by and see it.  Ansgar's expression when they hugged then was tender and loving, too.  Ansgar is being very open about being in love with Lydia.  He may even have said it to Matthias.

Matthias was not pleased, and said something to Lydia about how if she was in his house, she had to follow his rules.  I have the feeling that Lydia will be sleeping on the blue couch in the Sabel-Mann-Fritzche-von Lahnstein flat pretty soon.  I'm sure the guys will be thrilled if that happens and Ansgar comes to visit.

I'm not sure what kind of relationship Constantin had with Ansgar.  I think Constantin was adopted.  He was presumed to be Ansgar's half-brother, and I believe he's now Ansgar's stepbrother.  Constantin and Leonhard are full brothers, I think.  Leonhard and Carla are half-siblings, although they thought they were full brother and sister up until late 2007 or so.  All of Ludwig's children are cousins to that bunch, I'm pretty sure.  Ansgar and Sebastian are definitely cousins -- their fathers are brothers.  The von Lahnstein family tree continues to be a challenge to figure out.

At some point, Constantin became one of the good von Lahnsteins, so presumably allied with Leonhard and Carla.  I have a feeling he was generally antagonistic to Ansgar.  I think everyone is antagonistic to Ansgar at this point, but he's generally tough and clever, and should be able to take it.

One constant of the show seems to be that everybody cheats on everybody.  They can be perfectly nice people otherwise, but there's no respect for established relationships or marriage vows.  Even Olli cheated on Tom when he saw that Tom had cheated on him.  This time around, he's been monogamous.  He and Christian have probably the only relationship that's lasted two-plus years with no cheating.

Back to Tuesday, there was stuff with Nico, Prince Boring, and the father of Boredom.  I feel bad fast-forwarding through the scenes with Nico, but they're not giving her anything to work with.

Christian and Olli continue to look for ways to have a child, and are searching various options.  Christian even told Charlie that he and Olli want a baby.  She was quickly ready to help.  They've found another site that might help.  This is going to be a long storyline.

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