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not as cracky as Monday

I still don't want to spoil Simone's Russian adventures for LB.  However, back in fictional Essen, life continues as Annette and Ingo have finally gotten Potthoff's corrupt practices on tape.  They get their money back, and Potthoff gets caught by his superior giving back the extorted money.  I didn't think they were going to get it, but Annette and Ingo got their triumph, with support from Tom, Katja and Deniz.

Deniz seems to have taken over the hockey training while Ingo is busy with events at the fry stand.  He gives out training assignments.  It's apparently Frank's time of month, as she looks like she has cramps and is taking what is perhaps German ibuprofen.  During weight training, one of the other hockey players, Bastian, catches her eyeing Florian's chest.  The camera, like Frank's gaze, lingers on it for some time.  Once again I felt skeevy about seeing "seventeen"-year-old beefcake.  Frank is about as subtle as the show is.  Subtle like a sledgehammer.

Simone continues her trek through the wilds of Russia.

Ben temporarily takes over for Richard while Richard is in a Russian jail.  Max comes into what's been more or less his office, and Ben is there.  We'll see if Max and Ben can actually work together.  Generally they're violently antagonistic, but they may be brought together by their hatred for Axel and concern for their respective parents.

Bastian and Flo are jumping rope in the boxing club, and Frank is there in an inconspicuous spot.  Bastian lays it out for Flo.  I think there was something about how Frank never showers with the guys, how "he's" not hot for Isabelle, a few other things, and probably how Frank has been staring lustfully at Florian.  "You think Frank's gay?" Florian asks.  Frank is horrified.  I have a feeling this won't go well.

Hopefully, Flo will act nicely about it.  Maybe I'm hoping against hope here.  Deniz and Ingo will settle the other hockey players if they start saying or doing evil things.  I think Deniz will be grieved if Frank reacts badly to people thinking she's a gay boy.  It would likely remind Deniz of himself, and how badly he reacted when the other hockey players back then were homophobic.  I'm sure Deniz will have another talk with Florian, and probably Roman will when he gets back, but it would be cool if Deniz has a talk with Frank.
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