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recaps for Sweetbea and anyone else

Alles was zahlt: Wednesday through Friday.  Wednesday: Richard continues his trek through the wilds of Russia.  I'm thinking that the fictional Russian taiga is probably a park in or around Cologne.  The location does have some pine trees, so they considered that.  I'm wondering if they got Igor to help the little group of "Russians," including the guide, to learn Russian words.  I'd love to hear Igor's reaction to that part of the "search for Jenny" plot.  There's no reason for Deniz to know Russian, though I'm almost sure it's Igor's first language.

Marian continues to grieve for Jenny, as badly as he treated her towards the end of their relationship.  Simone visited a church, and lit a candle for Jenny.  Marian downs a bottle of raki and passes out on Deniz and Roman's couch.

Frank is crushing on Flo.  Flo is wearing the T-shirt of his that says, "I'm only here for the ladies" when Frank returns his jacket.  He tells Ingo about the boat turning over, and Frank nearly drowning, and Ingo feels bad.

Richard tells Simone that he's heard of a young woman in a military hospital who spoke German before she...I'm guessing here...fell into a coma or something.  He wants to get a helicopter to come to take him there.  Axel is listening in to the conversations with a listening device, and I think he tells the authorities that Richard has bribed people to take him across Russia.  Either that, or he just gives them a bigger bribe.

Into Thursday: Katja sees that her graffitti, which Flo had scrubbed off and painted over, has been redone in bright colors.  It says, "Nie war mehr anfang als jetzt," which I've got to get translated.  ("Nevermore starting now"?)  Simone decides to go to Russia.  Annette and Ingo come up with a plan to get the building inspector who screwed them over back, by getting him to look at No. 7 and seeing if Marian can catch him asking for a bribe.  I doubt that he would try to get sexual favors out of Marian like he did from Annette.  Simone finds Richard.  The military authorities find him shortly thereafter, and haul him off to jail.  As he's taken away, he tells Simone she has to find Jenny.

Katja asks Tom on a date.  Their animosity seems to have disappeared over the last few episodes.  I'm not sure where the deal is there.  Katja apologized a few times to Tom for dating him while she was still in love with Ben, but I didn't think he'd accepted her apology.  Yet when he came back, they were basically pals again quickly.  I'm confused.

Friday: Annette and Ingo are still trying to figure out how to stop Potthoff, the corrupt building inspector.  Axel tries to get a picture of the German woman in the Russian hospital.  Vanessa catches Max on the phone, and makes him tell her that Richard is in a Russian jail.

Marian agrees to Annette and Ingo's plan.  Deniz even practices with Marian about confronting Potthoff.  Then he asks Marian if he wants to play a video game.  Roman had apparently been playing videos of Jenny skating through the gaming console, because that's what comes up.  Deniz apologizes.  Marian tells everyone he's just fine.  Shortly thereafter, Marian flakes out, wanders off, and downs most of a bottle of wine.  Tom stalls Potthoff by pretending to be an architect, while Deniz goes looking for Marian.

Deniz finds a car rocking back and forth.  He knocks on the window, and says, "Dad?"  Marian and the woman he's picked up look up at Deniz.  Sometimes you can really see where Deniz gets it from.

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