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Sunday real life and catching up on soaps

Finished catching up on the EKP clips of AWZ for Monday-Wednesday last week.  I knew Isabelle was saying mean things to Frank, but I hadn't gotten what she said when she caught Frank sniffing Florian's jacket.  "You'd better hope the guy you're crushing on is gay, or you'll have no chance."  (Something like that -- I'll have to look it up again.)  Deniz told Flo that the little Wild reminded him of himself at that age -- that was where the "arrogant and in love with yourself" came from.  Flo does act remarkably similar to the way Deniz did.  Florian is much more secure in his sexuality than Deniz least for the moment.  It's not like Flo is going to have anything like that turbulent coming out Deniz had.

I drove to [local shopping area] with Mom as a passenger.  First we got some baked goods from the Entenmann's outlet, then went to K-Mart, and mostly ended up clothes-shopping.  Mom got a couple of blouses.  I got sweatpants and a hoodie.  I think it will still be a while yet before I can wear jeans.  I got slippers, and some sneakers.  Two pairs are like the kind Jo collects, whatever they're called.  One pair are just the padded kind of sneakers.  They're much better than the shoes I was wearing -- much less tight.  The shoes I was wearing were also the ones that rubbed the toes on my left foot until I had severe skin wounds.  They've been stretched since then, and are a little better, but are still too close-fitting.  Anything would be tight on my right ankle, but they were tight on both feet.

At least I got more driving practice in, so I'm confident about making it to physical therapy tomorrow.  If I can drive in [local shopping area], the drive to physical therapy shouldn't be bad.

KC had said he'd been watching the various introductions to VL over the years, with the different characters.  I found some.  In 2001 and into 2002, Tom and Olli are shown together, with Charlie coming into the foreground.  But Olli was a major enough character by then to appear in those montages at the beginning of the show.  In 2006(?) and 2007, Gregor and Christian are shown together, for a double of Mann hotness.  Then Olli shows up again by the 2008 credits.  I think it's in late 2008(?) montages that Olli and Christian are shown together, Christian's arm over Olli's shoulder.  That makes it twice Olli has appeared with a male lover.  Long-time viewers really would have known what to expect when Olli came back to town, even if Christian was surprised.

I also found that soapfan10038 had videos of those first few days Olli came back to town.  A lot of other things were going on then.  Sarah found out that Leonhard wasn't her half-brother, so it actually hadn't been incest.  Andi found out that Olivia wasn't really pregnant.  Christian was giving Gregor relationship advice, which Gregor was taking with a grain of salt.  Christian's relationship advice is well-meant, but not always stellar.
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