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Chrolli book club night.  A. briefly showed up, and J.M. has been there off and on.  KC is rocking it so hard tonight.  He made a clip of vampire!Constantin from a Verbotene Liebe episode:  Vampire!Constantin is so cute with his goofy cape and adorable little fangs.  It's a must-watch, James and Jordan.

KC also tells me that Tom Chroust is back with VL, as a consultant.  That should radically improve the storylines, arcs, and character development, so KC said.  I agree.  I'd noticed that Tom wasn't in the credits anymore as head writer for AWZ.  AWZ will miss him a lot -- desperately miss him, I'm sure.  I didn't know where he'd gone, but I squeed to hear that he went back to Verbotene Liebe.  He's the one who originally created Chrolli, as VL fans are well aware.  Here's hoping he brings the magic back.  Not that Thore and Jo have lost any of the great chemistry they have, or how they like to work hard.  But if they had good storylines, that would be awesome. 

Edited to add: KC has been reading spoilers and passed them on to us. (*yes, spoilers*)  He says that Rebecca becomes a lesbian.  Anything to stop her from hanging off Christian and Olli.  It's not like I'm going to think her cuter with one orientation or another.  It's not going to make her have better chemistry with any of the other characters, or improve the acting.  I wonder if she'll go to Christian and Olli for advice on "the gay."  She's already asked Christian some really awkward questions in the past.  He answered them sincerely, but he and the viewers were left wondering why she asked them.

Also, Lydia gets pregnant -- or is pregnant now.  We'll be wondering for nine months who the father is.  I'm sure Sebastian and Ansgar will be wondering as well.  I'm not sure what would be better, if she had a baby that Christina would be aunt and sister to, or if she had Ansgar's baby.  Well, Ansgar does love Hannes.  I'm sure he was heartbroken when Tanja faked Hannes' death.  I'm also positive he would be a loving father to Lydia's baby, if it was his.  He gave Olivia a building when she tricked him (and Andi) into thinking she was pregnant.  He was urging Olivia to eat right and get regular doctor's visits, in, too.  So he's generous in providing for his children and their baby-mamas, and concerned about the babies.

KC gave me much to anticipate.  There should be some relatively good storylines from these writers, and I'm hoping much better ones with the new writers -- and Tom (*squees again*).

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