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Forbidden Love -- some highlights Wednesday to Friday

The main drama was about Andi.  With packing help from Christian and Olli, Helena set off for Cambodia.  Once she was on the flight, Andi got the news from the doctors that he had a loose bone fragment(?) around his vertebrae.  The doctors wanted to operate, but gave him a fifty/fifty chance of whether he'd be paralyzed.  Andi had a very bad feeling about it, then had a nightmare.  He took off from the hospital.

Christian and Olli found Andi sitting on the couch, in the dark.  They treated him like someone very sick, and told him he should go back to the hospital.  I found this rich coming from them.  Olli is the one who wanted to go home after being gay-bashed, although Leonhard wanted him to stay at the hospital for observation.  He insisted on going back home, and was next seen settled into Christian's bed.  It was really pretty early in their relationship (April?) that they decided that Olli belonged there.  Except for those rare occasions that fans hate, when they're fighting so much that one sleeps on the couch or Christian sleeps at Konigsbrunn, they've shared that bed for over two years.

Christian was the one who was in denial about his heart condition, and did a serious boxing workout with a punching bag as soon as he got home, while Olli was properly very worried about him when he heard about the myocarditis.  It took Christian quite a while to accept that he would be an invalid for a time.  To have them both telling Andi that he should go back to the hospital was really ironic, and Andi should have called them on it.  Since Andi refused to listen to Christian and Olli, they called in the big guns -- Arno.  Arno gave Andi a firm talking to.  I think Arno said that it was an order from the boss that Andi get the operation.  He also said that Andi's friends wouldn't think less of him if he was in a wheelchair.

Constantin and Nathalie did the deed.  Constantin was so thrilled he was practically floating, and agreed to whatever Christian and Olli wanted him to do, including doing Christian's laundry.  Nathalie had second thoughts, considering that she's living with Matthias, and obviously really cares about Matthias, though he's kind of boring.  I'm sure he was more exciting before, with all the stuff that went on about his wife getting pregnant with Sebastian's baby.

Ansgar hasn't given up on Lydia, but Lydia was more concerned about talking to Sebastian.  I think Sebastian had served her with divorce papers or some such.  Once she finally did talk to Sebastian, they had an "I don't want it to be over" moment, and started kissing.

Nico had some stuff with Prince Boring and her juvenile delinquent.  Whatever.

There was stuff with Rebecca doing fashion design.  Olli was in a lot of those scenes, but other than his appearances, I didn't care at all about the Rebecca plot.

While Nico spent time with Andi in the hospital, Arno, Christian and Constantin baked Andi a cake.  Charlie brought one from one of the best bakeries in Dusseldorf, the one that had done Christian and Olli's wedding cake.  Andi tried both.  Christian said that his husband (*happy sigh*) sent along his get well wishes.  The doctors had told Andi that once a drip ran through his IV, he should get full use of his legs back.  The show ended with the solution having all ended up in Andi, but Andi with an unhappy expression.  I have a feeling that the powers-that-be decided it would be more dramatic to have Andi paralyzed for a while.

Ludwig and Elisabeth finally set off for Canada, after Sebastian and Ansgar both tried to convince Ludwig that they should be the one in charge when Ludwig was gone.  Ludwig picked Tristan to fill in for him.  Tristan might still have a sick love for his sister, but at least he's not fighting over Lydia.

So next week, there should be some wishing for a child from Christian and Olli, more Andi drama, and some von Lahnstein goings-on.  We'll see how it plays out.

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