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Friday real life

Physical therapy today.  Mom called several times to make sure I was awake.  I got up at 12:30 p.m., took a quick shower, ate a little breakfast, and was ready to go by 1:30.  The paratransit bus came right at 2:00.  It was the woman driver who'd refused to come up the driveway before, so I'd ended up going down the driveway in a wheelchair, and over the bumps of the gutter.  This time she backed up the driveway, and put down the lift for me.  I got to my 2:30 appointment in good time.

It was a new physical therapist from the ones I'd had, or one filling in for the therapists who'd taken Friday off.  Of course there were four patients there, with just him and the assistant.  Once he got to a person, he spent a good amount of time with them.  I knew most of my exercises anyway, from doing them at home.  I remembered some of the stretches for my right leg, too.  We practiced going up a step today, putting my bad foot up on the step first, then bringing up my good leg.  He was surprised how easily I did it.  I said that I'd been doing a couple of steps nearly the whole time I'd been injured, although for several weeks I was hopping up the step backward onto my good leg, and holding my weight on my arms on the walker.  That was very scary at first -- actually for quite a while.

I'm bicycling for five minutes at a time, and now apparently going to be doing the treadmill regularly.  We established that my normal walking pace is closer to .7 than .5.  I think it's actually rather faster than that, but I don't normally walk for five minutes at a time.  After the bicycling, I wanted a massage before I went on the treadmill.  The therapist was giving someone ultrasound, then putting him in traction, so I waited a while.  The massage of my scar, ankle, and foot loosens up everything so it moves much better.  I'll have to tell them I'd like that before I do those stretches, if possible.

I was just finishing up on the treadmill when the paratransit driver came in.  I'd made the pick-up time 3:45, so of course he came at 3:30.  Usually when it's 4:00, they come at 4:15 or 4:30.  He said he was early.  I was very glad he'd come in to find me, rather than just assuming I was a no-show.  The therapists' assistant, S., said that I just needed to get ice, then I was done.  I would have skipped the ice, but I really needed it after all that.  He waited, and I got home at 4:00.  I made a couple of comments on the new DeRo forum on AfterElton, then watched AWZ.

Mom came home, very tired.  We eventually had soup for dinner.  Mom went up to her bedroom to read her book shortly after dinner.  I expect she dozed off pretty quickly.  She came down at 11:00 to take some of her pills, but I have a feeling she'll go back to sleep very soon.

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