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Thursday real life

I hadn't gotten to sleep until Wednesday morning, so I slept much of Thursday.  I had an appointment with my primary care doctor at 5 p.m.  She seemed pleased enough with how I was doing.  I got a pneumonia shot and a tetanus shot.  Since I use the cane with my left hand, the shots were in my right arm.  The places they were done are still quite painful (as of Friday).  I'm right-handed, too.

Not too much else except a lot of proofing and editing to get done, so I worked deep into the night doing that.

I noticed a couple of days ago that a couple of fall-blooming crocuses were flowering.  I'd planted C. speciosus, white ones (C. orchroleum?), and saffron crocus.  These are purple.  They're either speciosus or saffron, but I think speciosus.  I'll have to plant more saffron crocus around.  Not that I've tried drying the stamens (or is it the pistils?), but they're pretty.

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