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not much in real life

As is likely obvious from all my soap opera posting, I had a very quiet day in real life.  I talked to E.M. about going to the secondhand bookstore.  I hadn't been able to get to sleep until 5:00 a.m., and I'd woken up at 12:30.  I really wasn't moving fast.  I hadn't had breakfast or taken my shower when I talked to her.  I called back to say that I wouldn't be ready in time, and we ended up talking on the phone for half an hour.  She thinks I have a generally creative mind.  I thought that was true enough.  I may be sadly literal-minded, but I'm kind of creative in my own way.

I did the exercises for my ankle, and walked around without the walking cast for about eight hours.  Then I took some Aleve and put the cast back on.

Dad had taken Mom to the doctor in the morning.  He said she had a sprained knee, and gave her another brace to wear.  She went to work, a 2-10 shift today.  Dad went to work a half-day.  I caught up on soap operas.  He came home, without even bringing dinner home with him.  Fortunately, we had bread, so I had sandwiches.  He started watching TV.  I said that he could do that upstairs.  He stayed downstairs, and watched one baseball game after another.  He's still watching one.

Mom came home, had a glass of sherry, and went up to bed.  I'll do some editing tonight, then go to bed later on.  I may watch some Torrid German Love.  I feel like watching old VL episodes.  Mom took tomorrow off.  There's a church women's group potluck supper in the evening.  I have physical therapy before that, and we need to make appetizers.  Mom is thinking crudites would be good.  They're healthy, anyway.  I hope someone makes that curried chicken again.  That stuff is great.  There are a lot of good cooks who attend the church, much to our joy.  We usually do go to the suppers there when they have them.  I'm also looking forward to getting out of the house and talking to actual people.  That would be cool.
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