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Chrolli on Tuesday

Olli and Christian had very busy days trying to work their full-time jobs and take care of a baby all day and night.  Olli had Christina sitting behind the bar at No Limits.  I wonder if that's the first time someone has babysat a child there.  I can't imagine the twenty-two-year-old Olli ever having the slightest notion that one day he'd be babysitting there.  Olli back then probably wouldn't have really considered the thought of being a father.  It's not like Tom could get pregnant.

At Konigsbrunn, Jessica and Christian had a little scene where Jessica told Christian to take his boots off before walking around the castle.  She was sweeping in the kitchen.  There's crackling chemistry between Christian and Jessica (as would make sense, considering real life).  This was adversarial, but the chemistry was definitely there.  I think it was mostly an excuse to have Christian take off part of his riding outfit.  Not that we ever mind that.

When Christian came home, Olli handed off Christina and went back downstairs.  Christian was horrified that Olli hadn't fed her.  This is Christian we're talking about.  When he's happy, not only is he eating heartily, but he wants to show love by giving people food.  Apparently Christina really was hungry.  First she got deeply into a big bowl of pudding, then she and Christian had fun with mashed carrots.

Olli came home to find Christian asleep sitting up on the couch, his shirt colorfully decorated with streaks of "carrot pap."  Christian said that if Olli was complaining about the shirt, he could take it off.  They started kissing.  I knew their "welcome home" expression of love would be cock-blocked by Christina crying, but at least they got in a few good kisses first.  Well, I'm glad the passion hasn't totally died.  I think they're the best for kisses that are so loving and so sensual at the same time.

They were completely worn out by the time Nathalie came to collect Christina, and collapsed on the couch as soon as everyone else was gone.  Christian has apparently lost all sense, as he still wanted to have a baby.  I realize it's a plot designed to appeal to women, but I don't tend to like plots involving children all that much.  They said Christina was pretty sweet once she finally fell asleep.  I have the feeling this is going to be a fairly long plotline for them.  I'll do my best to deal with the baby nonsense, and try to be glad they have some plot.  At least I'll be able to appreciate their beauty and love for each other.  I just hope they have some passionate scenes between all of the baby plot.  They should still be in their honeymoon phase.

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