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Monday's Forbidden Love

Christian is back home.  That's the most important thing.  He came back to No Limits, said something, and Olli and Rebecca (because of course she was there) responded absent-mindedly, then realized who was talking.  Rebecca hugged Christian first (grr), but Olli threw himself into Christian's arms moments later.  They spun around from the force of Olli's enthusiasm, and Olli kissed the side of Christian's neck.  We viewers soon found out that Christian really wanted to have a baby now that he'd seen Gregor and Luise's twins.

In other plots, much drama between Lydia and Matthias, as he's still very unhappy about the Lydia/Ansgar affair.  Nathalie talked Lydia into coming back to their place, and Lydia and Matthias kind of made up.  What else?  Oh, Prince Boring tried to save Nico from the gang of junior thugs, but wasn't doing that well.  The delinquents fled when they heard the sound of police sirens.  Their own personal delinquent stayed around.  It was basically just an excuse to have the actor who plays the prince have his shirt off as Nico gave him first aid.  KC's right.  He does have a nice body.  There are other actors on the show who have real acting skills and are handsome and well-built, so I'm still not as impressed as I might be if I was just judging by his build.

Speaking of handsome and well-built (and good actors -- no, I could not resist the segue), Christian and Olli continued to talk about having a baby.  They thought about getting a woman pregnant, but quickly decided that was out of the question.  I can see it as them thinking of it as cheating on the other, but it's not like they've never had sex with women.  Olli was always bisexual, and Christian had a couple of serious relationships with women.  Adoption was the way to go, they decided.  They looked it all up online.

Rebecca (who else?) came to the apartment with Arno and Christina, and gave the guys Christina and all her toys and accessories.  She said it was a good test for them for when they had children.

Ansgar texted Lydia.  Lydia came to Konigsbrunn, to Ansgar.  They hugged desperately, then Lydia said that they couldn't have a relationship.  "But you love me," Ansgar said.  Lydia admitted it.  "You love me, and I love you."  Yes, I admit it, I was thrilled to hear Ansgar say he loved Lydia.  It's definitely one of those beauty taming the beast scenarios, and I adore those.

"My family and friends all hate you," Lydia said.  She's totally right.  Even Ansgar knew that.

"The friends who count would want you to be happy, and we would be happy."  Ansgar is clearly delusional from love.  Has he forgotten how Tanja ruthlessly tormented Nathalie?  I don't think Lydia would really be happy if Tanja was after her.  Still, I'm rooting for Ansgar and Lydia.  They have sizzling chemistry.  There's something so romantic about a wicked man who would do anything to protect and take care of his lover out of sheer devotion.  He's dangerous, but he's all hers.  At least, it's romantic in fiction.  In real life, probably not so much.  I'd rather keep the drama on television, and not have it in reality.  However, on the show, it's great to see Ansgar brought down by love for a "nice girl." 

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