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Tuesday AWZ

Deniz was agonizing over how to tell Marian that Jenny's plane had crashed.  Roman was on his way to a trainers' seminar.  As usual, they had completely unfair amounts of sparkle and chemistry.  Not that I mind.

Ingo had the hockey players get in rowboats.  They were supposed to row some distance and back.  He took away Frank and Florian's paddles.  They argued, then they tried to move the boat by paddling with their hands.  They argued more, and ended up shoving each other.  Never a good idea when you're in a boat.  As expected, they capsized.  Frank asked Flo to help her turn the boat back over.  He started swimming towards the shore.  Frank started sinking.  Flo realized in time to go back for her.  Somehow he got her up onto a dock.  He yelled for help.  Of course he ended up giving her the "Kiss of Life."

When Frank revived, she had the same look at Flo as Axel did when Roman resuscitated him.  She doesn't have a problem being attracted to a Wild -- well, except for Flo's personality and immaturity, and her wearing guy-drag.  But she doesn't have the kind of problem with it that Axel did.  I'm not sure if I want to see her have a hallucination of Flo in a gold lame bathing suit.  I don't mind some hallucinatory sparkles, and I wouldn't mind some elevator-dancing between the two.  I just want to see Flo realizing he's hot for someone he thinks is a guy.  I really want for Deniz and Roman to have a full appreciation of the whole situation, too.  It wouldn't be fair to leave them out of the fun.

Simone and Rafael had some post-kiss awkwardness, and I think Rafael apologized later.  Vanessa realized she'd walked in on an unresolved sexual tension situation, and Simone admitted it.  I'm very glad Vanessa is back, as well.  I'd like for her to be on the hockey team, or at least assistant coaching it, and I'd like for her to have tons of interaction with her brother/ex-boyfriend Ben.  All of the people who were in fictional Essen at the time know about the incest.  It would be so great if Isabelle and Katja both were dealing with how they felt about that.  I don't take the topic lightly, but the women who love Ben need to have the chance to process that aspect of his past.

Marian came back to Essen looking happy.  For some unexplained reason (edited: Marian actually explained that he went there to get his keys), he went to the Bergmann flatshare, and opened the elevator door in time to hear Deniz tell Katja that he didn't think Jenny would have survived the plane crash.  Marian quietly closed the door and took off.  Marian later came into the Steinkamp Center, and saw the black bunting-draped picture of Jenny that Axel's been putting up around the Center.  He cried.  I was glad Axel wasn't there to see it.  Marian went to the women's locker room, and leaned his head against Jenny's locker.  Katja and Deniz were heading to their respective locker rooms.  Katja found Marian, and told Deniz to go in.  Deniz hugged Marian, son comforting father.  That's one more person who is truly grieving Jenny's disappearance.
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